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Giant’s Styled Shoot Debut: A Boho-Luxe Inspired Day


Bringing together our Sydney Road family – Melbourne’s premier wedding district – we spearheaded a styled shoot that took inspiration from the romantic settings of Morocco and combined them with a provincial twist. We pick the brain of our creative director and chief stylist, to bring you the most comprehensive style guide for creating your […]

Is a DIY Wedding for You?

diy wedding decorations for bride and groom

Before you get carried away in the excitement of planning your wedding you will need to decide if you are going to DIY anything, what exactly you will be making and how. This is because coming up with wedding ideas on a budget usually involves making items yourself. Doing it yourself is the easiest way […]

Is Hiring Wedding Planners Right For You?

wedding planner organising wedding with bride

One decision you will need to make for your wedding is that of whether you will be hiring a wedding coordinator. For some this might be an obvious choice while for others it will be one that you go over back and forth with your fiancé trying to determine whether it is worth it financially. […]

How to Organise Your Wedding Guest List

wedding guests mingling at reception

Easily one of the toughest parts of any wedding to do list is figuring out the guest list. There is unfortunately no way of avoiding disappointing some people who miss out on invites unless money is a non-issue. Even if this is the case your desired venue may have its own limitations. So to help […]

Wedding Date, Day and Time

wedding planning scheduling the time of your wedding

Without a doubt one of the first questions you will get asked as soon your engagement is known is ‘So when’s the big day?’ While it’s highly unlikely you’ll have thought this far ahead everyone else you know will have. Setting a date for your wedding unfortunately isn’t as simple as picking the number you […]