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Exclusive insight on the creation of Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip’s Wedding Stationery by Giant Invitations

Continuing our success of exceeding our client’s expectations and always seeking new and creative challenges, Giant Invitations recently had the honor of working with multi-platinum recording artist and actress Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams and her love Jim Skrip on creating their wedding invitations!

Here at Giant Invitations we specialize in creating wedding cards that stand out while mirroring your taste for your wedding theme. Founded on the back of an established award winning graphic design studio, we employ only the best to design and produce your invitations.

It was an absolute inspiring collaboration on behalf of Giant Invitations with Williams and Skrip as we embarked on a challenge to create a quality piece of art for the pair and their guests.

Vanessa Williams is one of the most respected and multi-faceted performers in the entertainment industry today.

Having sold over 25 million records worldwide, Vanessa is one of just a few artists to score #1 and Top 10 hits on Billboard’s Album and Singles charts in the combined areas of Pop, Dance, R&B, Adult Contemporary, Holiday, Latin, Gospel in addition to debuting at #1 on the Jazz charts with her latest release, “The Real Thing.”

Williams’ critically acclaimed work in film, television, recordings and the Broadway stage has been recognized by every major industry award affiliation including 4 Emmy nominations, 17 Grammy nominations (of which 11 were for her individually), a Tony nomination, 3 SAG award nominations, 7 NAACP Image Awards, 3 Satellite Awards and ultimately a Golden Globe, Grammy and an Oscar for Best Original Song for her platinum single “Colors of the Wind,” from the Disney film Pocahontas.

Williams autobiography, “You Have No Idea,” co-written with her mother Helen Williams, was a New York Times Best Seller in 2012. Vanessa returned to Broadway in the spring of 2014 for a special limited engagement in the musical “After Midnight.” She also co-starred with Cicely Tyson and Cuba Gooding, Jr in “Trip To Bountiful,” which was the #1 play of the 2013 Broadway season.

Vanessa Williams feature glam  photo

The mother of four – Melanie, Jillian, Devin and Sasha, Vanessa divides her time between homes in Los Angeles and New York.

With so much success already under her belt, it was a real honor for us to work creatively with Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip. We pitched our proposal with the promise to create a unique quality invitation that will reflect the pair’s desired wedding theme while vividly representing them as a couple.

It was crucial for Giant Invitations to get to know our clients on a personal as well as professional basis. We wanted to make sure that we perfected our work for such an important event. It was about asking the right questions, understanding the couple’s brief and respecting the pair’s and their agent’s valuable time. Communication was the key.

The Briefing

We first needed to understand the tone in which Vanessa wanted to set for her wedding day. By gaining an insight for this we were able to capture the formality and ambiance needed in order for us to begin our creative processes.

To further grasp an idea on what we wanted to achieve, we asked Vanessa to create a Pinterest board where she can pin all her wedding inspirations. The pins consisted of her desired styling, wedding theme, décor, etc. All these elements were essential in contributing to the designing and outcome of her wedding invitations.

Research and mood board featuring Egyptian decoration

After initial communication between Giant, Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip, we finally locked down the colour scheme. Implementing some burgundy with a gold contrast to match their Egyptian floral theme; our designs were set to match their nuptial celebration. Giant came to learn that their romantic Egyptian floral theme was actually a representation of their international love affair where the couple met in Egypt three years prior to their wedding. With this in mind, we were adamant that this needed to be a very special design.

Aside from creating flawless invitations, we also offer our clients the option of choosing matching stationery cards that’ll complement their designs hugely. There was no exception with the Williams and Skrip invitations, as we offered to design additional cards to complete their stationery card set.

Every detailing was important, from quantity to the time frame given, and the agreed upon printing techniques that we were going to apply. All vital information was relayed back to the couple for reassurance and approval.

While exploring our options we were determined that we needed to find the best printing technique to bring our concept to life. With early discussions, we settled upon a precision laser cut pocket design with maroon/ burgundy colours.

Concept Creation

Graphic designer discussing research

After understanding Vanessa and Jim’s brief, our designers started the project with endless amounts of hours spent online to compile research materials that we can incorporate into our designing process. We wanted to make sure that we could meet what was given to us with the mutual goal to perfect it.

Creating mood boards gave us a feel of how we wanted to approach the challenge, while imagining what unique elements we can possibly apply to represent the couple’s theme.

Other components that were widely considered were the textures, patterns and colour that required to reflect the actual styling of the cards. Fundamental research was needed as we sent samples back and forth before setting our hearts on the perfect one.

The colour choice was all up to the lovely couple to decide as their selection came down to the yearning for the colours of the year – which included a flawless matte gold coupled along with an elegant Marcella shade. We absolutely adored their selection and style!

Colour ctheme of the year - Marsala nad gold

Motivated by the challenging creative brief given to us by Vanessa and Jim, our designers quickly got to work by beginning their designs. Preferring the authentic old school method of applying pen to paper first, every Giant designer jumped on board and sketched their ideas on what they imagined the invitations would appear.

Collaborating as a team and brainstorming all the possibilities in which we can improve our designs, it was predominantly based on trial and error first as most of our drafts ended up in the bin.


Each designer gave each other valuable feedback as we worked together to refine our ideas with the main focus to develop a base shape for the laser cut pocket to work with. Once we’ve figured out the best base shape to use, the sketch is then detailed via computer software and discussed elaborately in collaboration.


Our next step was to create the laser cut mockups that assured us that we’re on the right track while confidently demonstrating that our ideas are clearly executable. Performing as a team, everyone contributed by providing valuable feedback, communicating clearly, and making necessary amendments until we were 100% satisfied with all the detailing.

Laser cutting shapes into a wedding card

Production Techniques 

This process can be a stark contrast to our design process, but as seasoned designers we appreciate the craft, love and detail that goes into all the stages of production – especially when there are so many different techniques and print processes applied. Being able to detail our work and bringing it to life is what really fuels our passion for creating this magnificent piece of art.

Applying ink to Heidelberg printing machine

Taking advantage of the expert craftsmanship we have available on hand, we were able to create physical samples and tangible prototypes in which we can further critique. Building on our experiences, we were looking for an immaculate invitation design for our celebrity couple.

Utilising machinery that were manufactured in the late 1850’s, we diligently crafted the invitation’s colour through the mixture of ink. Just like magic, we created a flawless repertoire of authentic quality Marcella that were presented to the chic couple to assess. Vanessa and Jim quickly fell in love with the shades and naturally chose the best-suited colour for their fairytale wedding.


To prevent unnecessary mistakes and instead aiming for perfection with our work, our designers monitor all our production and detailing very carefully.

At Giant Invitations, it’s our pride to perfect our client’s work along with our constant ability to evolve with technology that really sets us apart. Infusing the use of new and modern technology with traditional printing techniques, all our invitations are created by highly experienced craftsman with a passion for creativity.

Our designers that worked hard on our Hollywood famous couple’s invitation have a realistic understanding of the latest trend while also delivering a personalized couture creation.

Giant Invitations graphic designer checking printed artwork

Showcasing our finest techniques in creating our invites, we combined the latest technology such as precision laser cutting to detail every invitation together with traditional printing to accentuate the quality.

Metal plate used in gold foiling

Detailing & Finishing

With each individual invitation being personally hand assembled by our team members during production, our masterpiece was slowly coming together. Diligently working hard to mount the printed sheets onto the laser cut pockets; there was no more room for error upon reaching completion.

Hand assembling wedding invitations

Keeping to our promise for Vanessa Williams and her beloved Jim Skrip in creating a special unique wedding invitation specifically designed for the charming couple; we incorporated the idea of applying a 14-carat gold plated lotus leaf to every individual invitation for an elegant finishing touch.

The Outcome

The results were beyond anything the couple could ever imagine. Not only did Giant Invitations create a completely unique tailored wedding invitation for the special couple, but a beautiful piece of art that depicts their modern day love story and wedding celebration in an enchanting delivery!

Full Vanessa Set

Aside from the huge praise received from Vanessa and Jim, we were told that their guest’s responses were positively overwhelming.

Close-up of invite wording.

Invitation with accessory cards.

Accessory Cards.

We want to congratulate the wonderful couple again on their wedding day and express our gratitude for the opportunity for Giant Invitations to collaborate with such an amazing pair.

Close-up wax stamp.

In the end fairytales do come true for all!


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