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Giant’s Styled Shoot Debut: A Boho-Luxe Inspired Day


Bringing together our Sydney Road family – Melbourne’s premier wedding district – we spearheaded a styled shoot that took inspiration from the romantic settings of Morocco and combined them with a provincial twist. We pick the brain of our creative director and chief stylist, to bring you the most comprehensive style guide for creating your own dreamy boho-luxe wedding.

Finding the Magic – Inspiration & Influences

“Whenever I complete a project, or even when I begin to design a new collection of invitations, I often find my own style and flair being thrown in, and this was definitely the case for our editorial debut. My adoration for all things bohemian and eccentric came to life amongst the details of the shoot, so brides; don’t try to adhere to a specific trend or theme that doesn’t feel uniquely you.”  – Katarina Vermes, Giant Invitations’ head stylist. 

Despite her bond to this particular project – she had one key objective at the heart of this shoot, which was to craft something that even Pinterest hadn’t seen before.  She also wanted the final outcome to be accessible to any type of style and bride which is why she intentionally blended more romantic and provincial details amongst the Bohemian- influences.

The team took inspiration from anything that they felt a connection with, artwork, music, fashion editorials and even swatches from our 2017 collection! You can often find beauty in the most unassuming of places. Ladies, keep your eyes open to the magic when planning your own big day.

Bringing it to Life – The Details

We were heavily inspired by the ethereal surroundings of our location when designing our colour palette. The shoot also took place in the beginning of Summer, so this naturally ruled out darker, broodier shades such as oxblood. We settled on an electric lilac as our central colour and balanced this shade out with softer lavender and blush tones. Make sure when you use such a vibrant palette for your own day – you use contrasting tones such as Ivory and gold for some balance amongst your decor.  


We had two key settings for our tablescapes and we wanted to achieve two completely different looks with both of them. The team actually labeled our indoor setting as the ‘sophisticated older sister’ of our more offbeat outdoor setting. We really wanted to show bride’s that you could blend eccentric décor details with more elegant ones to produce a formal table setting.

Bridal-table-setting amethyst-succulent

For your own boho-luxe wedding, it’s a must that you include some semi-precious stones and geodes. Whether it’s in the form of a stunning centre piece or they’re scattered around your table – they will be sure to get guests talking! We went with amethyst crystals, rose quartzes and clear quartzes to compliment our colour palette. Pair them with a variety of succulents and you’ll have a match made in boho-heaven.

Our floral arrangement for this table was beautifully lush and wild, with blush toned roses, jewel coloured wild flowers and an abundance of greenery being used. However, we wanted to create an element of minimalism and structure throughout the look so we sourced geometric vases and sleek gold metallic kitcheware. These elements will modernize your look and create sophistication for more traditionally styled weddings.  

We had a little more freedom when styling our outdoor setting, so this is where the design team really let loose with some offbeat ideas. The lavender fields of our location were such a breathtaking view that we knew we had to utilize them, which is why we went for an outdoor dining setting.

bride-enjoys-tea couple-relaxing-lavender outdoor-dining-setting Moroccan-high-tea

Taking inspiration from our Moroccan roots – we created an oasis with tribal styled rugs, gold ottomans, embellished cushions and fur rugs; all within our color palette. Look at hosting your own picnic reception for your big day, and seeing as you and your guests will be celebrating far into the night – look at a gorgeous hanging light installation. A handy tip – look at fake candles, or lights instead of real candles as these may prove to be a fire hazard. Tie with some rope, and you’ll create an ambience that guests will find hard to leave.

The search for the perfect venue can be daunting for absolutely any bride! However, it’s important to listen to your heart – go for the place which makes you really skip a breath. This is exactly what happened when we stumbled across the lavender fields of Sault. The property boasts French-Provincial nuances throughout the lavender and the restaurants façade however, it’s organic limestone walls and timber tables were perfect for our Moroccan influence. The sheer size of the property also allowed us to shoot a variety of different stories and settings.

Embellished with crystals, pearls and lace – our cow skull centre piece was definitely the mascot and personification of the shoot. We loved the idea of centering our décor around such an offbeat piece – so we actually sourced the skull from a vintage store and bedazzled him with more feminine/bridal friendly details. Look at including a similar piece for your own wedding, and you’ll have a memento to keep for the rest of your life.

DIY-cowskull playful-bride-decor

We custom created a series of new designs for this particular shoot – however the star was no doubt our lasercut, gilded invitation. Although you’ll be creating a wedding day with a somewhat relaxed vibe, you’ll want to entice your guests for the luxurious details! Look at a hot stamped logo with you and your partner’s initials and finish off with a satin ribbon in your colour palette. The gold detailing on your invitation will also beautifully compliment your metallic gold décor. It’s about the details after all.


Sweet Treats
The amazing team at
Mary Eats Cake in Brunswick, created the most delectable high tea buffet for the shoot. Towers of gold flaked macaroons with sprigs of lavender, and summer berry tarts were all present and had the style team (and even the models) drooling all day!

gold-flaked-macaroons outdoor-dining-setting sweet-treats-berry-tarts

Look at a high tea for your own reception – guests will adore the indulgence and it’s an offbeat way to celebrate your special day. The sheer beauty of the spread will also beautifully compliment your stunning décor.  Infuse a tea or water with blueberries and lavender and you’ll have a delicious drink in your themes colour – perfect for photo ops.

Fashion & Beauty 
When choosing the one (not the man but the gown) there are a million different styles that can suit a Bohemian themed wedding. We chose three completely different looks from Nicole Spose and Maggie Sottero, however they all had unique and impressive details.

Our lavender field dress, featured a stunning silk/tule low-fi skirt, and the lace used on our other two gowns were breathtaking. Don’t be afraid to play around with different silhouettes either.

couple-embrace-wedding Bride-wanders-through-lavender couple-kissing-married ethereal-dress

Keep your beauty look light, fresh and dewy. Our amazing makeup artist used several highlighters on our bride to fashion a glow from within, and a rose gold metallic eye shadow. Make sure you pair your shimmering eyes with a matte lip to balance out the glow. Hair should be kept long and wavy – however if you wish to add some more glam, go for an embellished head piece like our stunning accessories from LOVEON.

Your Own Special Touch
We had a couple of really fun ideas when designing this shoot. The white henna that was custom designed for our bride is predicted to be a massive trend. Contrary to the traditional henna that is used in Indian Shari’s – white henna is typically painted on the actual day of the wedding and left on.
 It’s a stunning beauty detail that will really set you apart from other brides.


Also look at fun ways to include kids in your wedding day. Though you can settle for an adult’s only wedding – there’s no fun in that. Chalk boards are a creative and hilarious way to get kids involved, especially when there’s a quote like “Don’t Worry Ladies, I’m Still Single.”

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