Deluxe Swing Tags & Premium Clothing Labels that will Help Your Brand Connect with Customers and Share Your Story

Swing tags are an important extension of your own brand that can often be as recognisable as your actual product itself.

We are delighted to bring you our customisable designs in a rich variation of colours, impressively unique with over 200 paper choices including woven paper textures and plastic tags, luxe finishes, premium string selections and a range of sizes and shapes.

Our exceptional collection is popular amongst fashion industry professionals for our custom clothing tags, but can also be used as price or gift tags. With Australia’s leading range of paper stocks and finishes, Giant can personalise your tag’s design to completely match the aesthetic of your product for a cohesive and stunning brand identity. Order your paper samples online today so you can appreciate the true quality and texture of our products.


To view all designs, paper stocks, finishing options and order a paper samples kit so you can truly appreciate the craftsmanship and exquisite quality, you may visit our dedicated business stationery printing website –


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