Fine Art Wedding Invitations

Welcome to Giant, our home where creativity flows and magic happens.

Cosy up in our showroom and admire our giant range of meticulously crafted wedding invitations, spanning over a decade of depicting beautiful love stories by stylishly combining art, tactile papers, materials and the best of modern and traditional print applications.We can mix and match elements of designs, combine papers, stocks, and embellishments and tailor your wedding invites to your heart’s content until you are totally satisfied and in awe.
If you are not totally moved by one of our existing ready-made wedding cards, come and chat to us about your ideas, inspirations and the vision you share for your special day.

Let us create completely unique and customized wedding invitation cards that will become the perfect depiction for your special day to come,
and remain a beautiful memory to be treasured for years and generations to come.

Where to start?

You can count on us for

Work one-on-one with Australia’s most renowned graphic designers with over 30 years of combined commercial print design experience.

Visit our showroom and work with our award-winning designers and bring your fancy, elegant or minimalist dream wedding invitations card to life. There are no templates or shortcuts in our creative process. We work tirelessly, offering original designs with free upfront visuals with unlimited revisions to dazzle you with our ideas, not costly revisions.

We will beat any price, backed with flexible payment options on our most loved print finishes:

  • Foil stamping
  • Letterpress
  • Embossing
  • Acrylic
  • Mirror Invitations
  • Laser cut
  • Pocket Style
  • Lux hardcover invitations
  • Deckled edge style

Our simple ‘love them or leave them’ unconditional quality guarantee speaks for itself.

Our craftsmen will continue to cultivate your design until you are completely swept of your feet. If you are not completely amazed by our invitations, we will rework them until you are.

With the fastest turnaround time in the local print landscape, you can rest assured that your cards will be received in days or weeks, not months.

Just in case you’ve left your invitations last, browse our expedited range. If you’re really left them late – call us to discuss overnight options we may have available.

Who loves us

Celebrities that vouch for us

We were fortunate enough to work with celebrities and highly esteemed personalities, both in Aus and global landscape.

How we create


Sample our Creations

Best way to experience the quality is hands-on.
If you can’t make it to our showroom, we will send you invitation samples so that you can appreciate the quality first- hand.


Personalise Designs

We will send digital proofs and mockups so that you can see what the final design will look like before it goes to print.
Unlimited revisions are included in our service.


Pick Your

Complete the look of your invitation packs with coloured envelopes, stunning embellishments, wax seals, ribbons, velum jackets, belly bands and envelope seal stickers.


Press Print

Once we receive your final approval, your order will advance to the print production stage.
Time to sit back and get excited. Our quality guarantee policy has got you covered.

Australia’s most established wedding stationery designers

Giant Invitations was born out of an established design agency, boasting prestigious design awards and enviable clientele.

After a decade of servicing the corporate sector and working with Australia’s top brands, the husband and wife design team discovered that they share more than adoration for each other and their two beautiful kids.

It is truly the love of stationery, an affinity for tactile artisan papers and relentless desire to depict love stories on paper that allowed us to pursue our true calling.

We have replaced our boardroom with a cosy showroom studio to live out our dream, to be trusted and be given the special opportunity to enrich the most amazing love stories and encapsulate them through creative design and handcrafted artistic creations.

Working with couple
Giant Invitations showroom

Book a showroom appointment or phone consultation today

Contact us for free samples, special package discounts, complimentary custom designs and a range of free inclusions. To lock in your tailored package pricing and a range of free inclusions, simply secure a showroom appointment or book in a phone consultation with a senior wedding invitation card designer.

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    Australian wedding invitations that are uniquely you - locally made by lovers of craft and dedicated stationery enthusiast

    Order invitations online or visit our showroom for a professional consultation

    Located in the heart of the Sydney Road Brunswick bridal precinct in Melbourne, Giant welcomes you to our warm and cosy showroom.

    Join us on an inspiring journey and delight in the best-off wedding invitations Australia has on offer, each as individual as the love story they share. At Giant, we are local and family-owned and our most loved suits & packages are locally printed and crafted with the highest attention to detail. We are proud to be renowned makers and creators of premium wedding stationery & marriage cards, place cards, seating charts, engagement and save the date cards.

    So.. take the weight off your feet, enjoy a coffee with us, and indulge in this opportunity to create a perfect trailer for your special occasion.

    As lovers of all things on paper, being a wedding invitation designer is not just a job or a career. It’s a calling, and we are honoured to be invited to share in our creative input and embody the essence of unity through print medium.

    Our small Giant family houses a team of professional graphic designers that live and breathe stationery. We are visionaries setting trends rather than just following, always searching for new medium, embellishment ideas or decorations that will wow your friend and family.

    After all, it’s all in the detail.

    Living in a virtual world we crave the tactility of materials and finishes. We scoured four corners of the globe to source the finest handmade, and most innovative textured, recycled & specialty paper stocks, each with its own unique characteristics, available in A5 size and virtually every flavour, texture and colour.

    Let us help you colour coordinate and adorn your bespoke, creative wedding stationery to match the vision you have for your perfect special day that will be envied by others, and cherished by you in years to come.

    Our attention to detail, design, and keeping to your budget is paramount as we offer a bespoke service that allows you the freedom to define your aesthetic and leave you feeling in safe hands, in pursuit of your perfect card for wedding invitations

    Invitation printing redefined - best of modern and old-world printing methods

    Your perfect invitation card is more than just ink on paper.

    The idea stretches beyond the glistening curves of a fancy font, foil engraved in the soft fabric of luscious cotton stock. Having perfected over 1,000 creations in over 20 different print applications, we know a thing or two about invite printing and delivering a print work that meets the highest of expectations.

    Our simple ‘love them or leave them’ unconditional quality guarantee speaks for itself.

    “Our craftsmen will continue to cultivate your design until you are completely swept of your feet. If you are not completely amazed by our invitation designs, we will rework them until you are.”

    Planning your nuptials can be overwhelming and stressful enough, without having to worry about how the invitations will turn out.

    For us, our brides and grooms are not just clients. They are our friends, and we’re honoured to be invited on their journey and express their personality through art, infused with the best of what local and international wedding invitation printers have to offer.

    black laser cut invitation with gold foil

    Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting is a precise science, achieved using high powered laser beams that slice through materials to achieve a preciously defined works of art.

    This method is superb in its ability to create beautifully shaped cuts that enhance every detail of your design.

    gold foil stamped names on invitation

    Metallic Foil Stamping

    There is no other print element that catches the light and shimmers quite like foil invitations.

    Dressed in shades of glossy or low-sheen matte gold foils, rose gold, silver, copper, clear, white or black, the designs can be stand-alone or part of sets enclosed within a laser cut wrap, a velum jacket, or part of a book-style or box encasing.

    gold letterpressed invitation


    Letterpress invitations are timeless creations, with an air of simple sophistication and grace. Reborn out of a past era is an ageless printing method which creates deeply engraved ink impression on soft cotton fabrics.

    Nothing compares to artful creations of the curvature of stylishly combined fonts impressed into heavyweight plush, lightly tactile cotton fabric. Can be impressive in single colour letterpress or with foil stamping.

    crest embossed invitation with black print


    Embossing creates a raised pattern or text protrusion and has a visually stunning effect.

    By using this effect sparingly and in combination with another print effect such as print or foiling, elements such as names or creative devices can be enhanced in a way that exudes luxury and understated sophistication.

    Deboss, the reverse effect of the embossing process can also be applied in the design process.

    foiled edge navy invitation

    Gilded/ Foil Edging

    For the lovers of distinguished style, gilded or foil edging, as it is also known is a truly luxe finish, one that demands attention and is a perfect finishing touch. Applied on heavyweight stocks in combination with foil stamping or letterpress, the impression will be long lasting.

    This highly specialised process of applying metal foil with heat, is a delicate and precise operation, and we are proud to utilise the latest in modern applications to deliver this amazing finishing effect on the budget.

    white ink printed on black invitation

    White Ink Printing

    Economy printing option that can be applied on coloured paper stocks.
    With lightning-fast turnarounds on our overnight invitations range, it’s a perfect solution for coloured stocks or adding personalised details on embellishments, such as velum jackets.
    Given its versatility and ease of application its perfect print method for variable data printing, such as addressing dark coloured envelopes.

    die cut arch ivory invitation


    Step outside the square and get creative with the shape, size and format of your stationery suite.

    Consult our designers to customise a die cut or cricut shape and format of your wedding card, whether it’s for invites, menus, name-tags or save the date cards.

    To save time and cost, check our pre-made shapes such as square, oval, rectangle or curved edges that are available instantly off the shelf.

    blind letterpress ivory invitation

    No Ink (Blind) Letterpress

    Visual reverse of the embossing process, no ink pressing indents patterns or shapes into the paper.
    To achieve deep impression extra heavyweight, soft cotton stocks are ideal for the process, and combined with colour letterpress of hot foil stamping.

    digital ink colour invitations

    Digital Colour Printing

    Digital colour creations are affordable and perfect for custom photo or vibrant floral wedding invitations printed with total clarity of digital imagery being our priority. Our digital printing equipment is state of the art and ensures a high-quality finish and colour consistency with quick turnaround times.

    Think beyond just paper …

    Getting creative with intuitive application of fonts and design is just one piece in the puzzle.

    By looking at different tactile stocks, textures and combining unique materials and embellishments, your personality as a couple can further be infused into the design process.

    We have made it our mission to source and provide the largest range of unique paper choices available nationwide. Explore virtually hundreds of varieties of amazingly textured paper and cotton stocks, handmade (deckeled edge) stocks, acrylics & mirrors, velvet and cork materials.

    Economy tange

    Economy Paper Stocks

    Economy paper stocks are all about stylish yet affordable results, and our range delivers on price and efficiency.  Paper options in this category includes ivory, bright white, lightly textured, pearl or kraft stocks. All our economy stocks are heavyweight, ranging from 300 gsm and upwards, uncoated and raw and tactile purposefully selected for premium stationery.

    Uniquely textured artisan papers

    Uniquely Textured Artisan Range

    For an authentic, vintage feel, look no further than our uniquely textured artisan range.  Beautiful textured with the ultimate in touchy-feely sensations. Lightly textured kraft stock with a rustic, earthy vibe, or a thicker option of maple kraft which has a raw finish are some of the papers that make up the range, alongside unusual ribbed pattern options, buttery leather, and raw unbleached stock.

    Coloured papers

    Coloured Range

    With over 200 colour choices across 7 families of paper and cotton stocks, you are sure to find a perfect match to set the right mood. Our consultants and stylists can assist in layering colours, matching them up perfectly in a cohesive pack that will unfold the trailer of your day and excite your guests in anticipation of the event. Choose from different thicknesses and textures, rippled, ridged, elevated stocks such as soft velvet, multi-toned, satin, raw textured and eco-friendly stocks.

    Cotton cards

    Cotton & Heavyweight Cards

    Our signature 100% cotton stocks look impressive and work beautifully with letterpress and hot foil stamping where we can indent and achieve the deep press for a super luxe look and feel. From bright white to more warmer hues of ivory cotton stocks, smooth or with varying degrees of texture, look no further than divinely starched cotton for a business card that talks business without saying a word.

    Deckled edge vintage paper

    Deckled Edge Paper

    Deckled edge or cotton rag paper is hand-made from raw pulp that creates a natural torn edge look with an unmissable vintage flair and unique character unmatchable in anything a modern technological advance in paper production can produce. Dyed in natural inks, we stock an amazing range of pastel colours as well as deep blacks and navy hues. The soft fabric of cotton makes it perfectly applicable for letterpress, foil stamping, colour or white ink printing.

    frosted acrylic


    Innovative and modern, Giant has the edge when it comes to quirky printing choices. As acrylic invitations specialists, we cover a vast range of acrylic substrates including 2 & 3mm clear, frosted or semi frosted and colour acrylic with black and white ink, metallic gold ink or hot foil stamping and colour printing as well as custom shape and laser cutting. Choose from a visual smorgasbord of colours and achieve fabulous results.

    gold mirror


    Mirror invitations in stunning acrylic colours are a strong contender for our personal favourites at Giant. The most popular acrylic colours include gold and rose gold mirror; however, we have 10 additional acrylic colours. The reason that they are so sought after isn’t simply the gorgeous mirrored effect, but also their statement luxurious feel, and ability to achieve such unusual shapes and designs with fabulous laser cutting effects. Reflect your fun image with popular mirrored effects and shapes.

    leather hardcover


    Put the extra back into extraordinary, with exclusive hard cover invites.  Book like in appearance; these visual storytellers will do all the talking for you. Hard cover invitations are all handmade, and carefully crafted by wrapping customised paper of choice around 2mm heavyweight board.  Hardcover invites can also be single cards or even boxed to measure.

    Cork invites

    Cork and Wood Grain Materials

    Cork and wood grain stock are lovely for a rustic touch to invites, table settings, business cards or wedding stationery. These impressive materials are fully recyclable and can be used alongside many different printing and laser-cutting methods.

    velvet stock with gold


    Touch leads to impulse, and our decadent velvet materials are true show stoppers.  Available in 10 different colourways, this plush material makes a stunning statement.  Printing methods include foil or no ink press patterns, perfect for decorative devices such as monograms. Velvet is also a great choice to wrap hardcover book style sets.

    velum paper


    Translucent velum stock, perfect for matching cards and embellishments such as velum jackets, belly bands, ties, and ribbons feature in this range. Works amazingly as a matching addition set to acrylic invitations or foil stamped cards. Print techniques on this popular stock making a comeback includes colour printing, white ink and our most popular hot foil stamping.

    hand made cotton rag paper

    Coloured Cotton Rag Paper

    With its unmistakably raw, vintage appearance, cotton rag stocks are hand made and available in various colours, such as black, navy, red.

    This medium-weight 250 gsm stock is perfect for colour and white ink printing as well as letterpress and hot foil stamping.

    We’ve been asked before…

    Can you create designs for other events as well?

    Our highly trained graphic designers with a background in commercial printing can design pretty much anything and bring their years of experience to our fine art invites, save the date cards, engagement invitations, bridal showers, birthday cards, menus, place cards and large format welcome signs and seating charts.

    In fact, there’s not a lot we cannot do. If we may be so bold and dare say, our studio is the best place for any type of card making, far by none.

    Additional to personal stationery, we design and print business cards, stickers and premium promotional collateral.

    Should I order my all in one customized wedding invitations online or visit your shop?

    Ordering your designer wedding cards online is a seamless process, all order details, proofing revisions, production timeframe, and shipment tracking is stored on the website, in a custom-built one-point access portal.

    At Giant, we offer the best online and digital proofing platform, currently the most extensive amongst the wedding invitation websites to order and buy your single most precious print project you will ever embark upon. If you or your partner are not geographically located near our store, our online service will take you through the entire process and enable you to see 100’s of designs each with a price, order samples, order online, manage designs and digital proofing, and of course, communicate with your dedicated designer and track order process and delivery status.

    We will take you through it online, and with the finished product direct to your door, you can have your dream wedding stationery in Australia without leaving your home. If you are unsure of your choices, we can also send out free invitation samples to give you a clearer image of what to expect.

    Our in-depth online service, set up for your convenience, is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that simplifies your order. If you are unable to complete the process or have any questions then we are more than happy to take you through that process on the phone, or even better, if you live locally then come and join us for a chat over coffee in our beautiful showroom, in Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

    What’s the average cost per package suite?

    Planning your big day can be toiling on your budget, and costs can add up. As we house such a wide range of print options, the costs vary greatly – starting from as low as $2.50 each per suite with rsvp online – to $20 per set, and the unit costs vary further with the quantity you require.

    At Giant, our promise is simple: we will beat any price on foil stamping, laser-cut, acrylic, letterpress, colour, black or white ink printed, or hardcover invitations.

    If you have a set budget, reach out to our team and hands down, we will ensure that you get the most amazing print stationery set achievable.

    How should I word my invitations?

    Thousands of happy clients later, we are proud to offer a service that pares back the agonising process of deciding how to word your wedding invite.

    We have hundreds of invitation wording templates and wishing well poems to assist you and will help you to edit the wording and addresses before we go to print.

    Beyond the useful online resources that we spend year on compiling, speak to our team – and we will help you find the perfect words for any event.

    Can you create a custom wedding cards design?

    At Giant, we thrive on a good love story and want to hear from you, no matter what your style or size of your event, or what your budget may be.

    Customising invitations gets us weak at the knees, so come and share your dreams of a beautiful special day and let us delight in your plans together.

    Bring along your Pinterest boards, magazine cut-outs, or inspiring photos and we will craft your love story and weave your fairy-tale through the magic of touch and sight, illustrating your love on a hand-picked, one of a kind creation that you will want to keep forever as a suspended moment in time.

    We combine stocks, colours, print finishes and embellishments that will tie in perfectly to your vision and reflect your personal vibe. Allow your senses to run wild with custom picked design and printing with magnificent results.

    To send a brief for custom wedding invitations click here.

    Can you create and print business cards?

    We can design and print just about anything on paper and a range of other materials, but we share a special affinity for business cards, right alongside wedding invitation design.

    When it comes to standing out against the tidal wave of businesses and start-ups, the first impression will lay the groundwork for you and give you that edge over your competitors. At Giant, we are branding experts, guaranteed to create an identity for your brand that will drive sales.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so let us do the talking for you.

    Contact us today for professional consultation.



    Wedding invitations are more than just a formal request for someone’s attendance at your wedding; they give your guests a taste of what your special day will be like. Whether you buy wedding invitations online from a wedding cards website, design your own invitations, or get customised wedding invites locally, your invites should exude your chosen motif and theme to provide your guests with a glimpse of how extravagant or simple it will be as well as the type of guests who will be attending. Because these invitations work like teasers, you should take into consideration all the factors that will make them truly enticing and impressive. If you want the most stunning design for your cards, it is ideal to order wedding invitations online or in person from a reputable supplier.

    Giant Invitations is one of the best providers of wedding invitations in Australia where you can get wedding cards, place cards, and other wedding stationery needs. We offer top-notch designs and high-end wedding invitation printing you won’t find elsewhere. Our team of professional graphic designers has a combined experience of over thirty years in commercial print and design. You can trust us to deliver only premium-quality personalised invites you and your guests will be stoked about.

    If you need some inspiration for wedding invitation designs and don’t know when to start giving out your invites, we have what you’re looking for below. Before that, find out if you can get a design proof when you order wedding invites online first.

    Can you request a design proof when ordering wedding invitations online?

    If you’re not familiar with ‘design proof’ when it comes to wedding invitations, it’s basically a digital representation of what your final invitation will look like. Before invites are printed in mass quantities, your approval is required, and your decision typically depends on whether or not you like the digital proof. Needless to say, a design proof is crucial in any customised project most especially for wedding cards. If you decide on a wedding invitations order online service, you need to consider whether you can request a design proof or not. Typically, most websites for wedding invitations are willing to provide you with digital proof. Most of these websites, however, only use an online editor for proofing.

    At Giant Invitations, we don’t use online editors; our professional designers will craft your digital proofs themselves by laying out the wording based on your desired style, fonts, and other specifications. It takes our team one to two days to complete the proofing process, after which you can view your proofs by logging into our website and accessing the order dashboard. You may request changes on the proofs by leaving comments under them. Once you’re happy with your design proof, you may give your approval to our team to start the production.

    Is it traditional to match wedding invitations with the wedding colours?

    One of the most common tips when designing your invitations is to match them with your wedding colours. But do the colours really need to match? While no rule states your invites should perfectly match your wedding colours, it is ideal that the colours of your invitations tie into the theme of your big day in some way. A rustic wedding invitation, for example, ideally will feature earth tones and natural hues to match the rustic theme, whereas elegant wedding invitations with neutral colours and shiny embellishments are a great choice for more luxurious themes.

    Giant Invitations provides you with an extensive selection of print materials, colours, sizes, and print finishes, so creating quality wedding invites that go well with your chosen colours should be easy. You can consult our talented and passionate designers online via video chat or phone call, or you can also visit our showroom in person at Sydney Road, Brunswick, in Melbourne to get some suggestions on what invite colours will suit your theme best.

    How much time in advance should wedding invites be sent out?

    A good rule of thumb to follow when planning when to send out your invitations is six to eight weeks. You should give your guests enough time to make the necessary arrangements to be able to attend your wedding, so sending your invites early is ideal. If your wedding venue is set to be out of town or even outside the country, it is best to have your invites delivered to your guests at least three months before your big day. Make sure to leave your RSVP details – your phone number, email, or address – on the invitation so you can get a headcount of those who will be attending as well.

    Giant offers one of the fastest turnaround times in Melbourne so you can send out your wedding invitations to your guests as soon as possible. We have our own presses, so we have complete control over the turnaround and quality of your invites. Depending on the design, we can get our invites ready within six to eight days; it may take longer if your design is more complex. For a selected range of foil-stamped, letterpress, embossed, and colour-range invite options, we offer overnight turnaround as well for those running late on sending out their invitations.

    Look no further than Giant Invitations for the best custom wedding invitations you can order online or in person – whichever suits you better. Book a showroom appointment or a virtual consultation with our expert designers today!