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If you’ve been searching for ‘customised wedding invitations Australia’ for some time, you might not have found exactly what you envisioned on your mood board. Your dream wedding has to be perfect, down to the finer details such as the quality of your cards. Don’t fret if you haven’t pieced everything together yet.

With the right invitation designer, you can make your dream wedding stationery come to life.

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Located in the heart of the Sydney Road Brunswick bridal precinct in Melbourne, Giant welcomes you to our warm and cosy showroom.

Join us on an inspiring journey and delight in the best-off wedding invitations Australia has on offer, each as individual as the love story they share. At Giant, we are local and family-owned and our most loved suits & packages are locally printed and crafted with the highest attention to detail. We are proud to be renowned makers and creators of premium wedding stationery & marriage cards, place cards, seating charts, engagement and save the date cards.

So.. take the weight off your feet, enjoy a coffee with us, and indulge in this opportunity to create a perfect trailer for your special occasion.

As lovers of all things on paper, being a wedding invitation designer is not just a job or a career. It’s a calling, and we are honoured to be invited to share in our creative input and embody the essence of unity through print medium.

Our small Giant family houses a team of professional graphic designers that live and breathe stationery. We are visionaries setting trends rather than just following, always searching for new medium, embellishment ideas or decorations that will wow your friend and family.

After all, it’s all in the detail.

Living in a virtual world we crave the tactility of materials and finishes. We scoured four corners of the globe to source the finest handmade, and most innovative textured, recycled & specialty paper stocks, each with its own unique characteristics, available in A5 size and virtually every flavour, texture and colour.

Let us help you colour coordinate and adorn your bespoke, creative wedding stationery to match the vision you have for your perfect special day that will be envied by others, and cherished by you in years to come.

Our attention to detail, design, and keeping to your budget is paramount as we offer a bespoke service that allows you the freedom to define your aesthetic and leave you feeling in safe hands, in pursuit of your perfect card for wedding invitations

Invitation printing redefined - best of modern and old-world printing methods

Your perfect invitation card is more than just ink on paper.

The idea stretches beyond the glistening curves of a fancy font, foil engraved in the soft fabric of luscious cotton stock. Having perfected over 1,000 creations in over 20 different print applications, we know a thing or two about invite printing and delivering a print work that meets the highest of expectations.

Our simple ‘love them or leave them’ unconditional quality guarantee speaks for itself.

How can I save on postage for wedding invitations in Australia?

The production of your invitation cards is just one part of the expenses you need to cover for wedding invitations in Australia. A big chunk of your total budget for wedding stationery should be for sending them out to your guests’ locations. To save money, consider these tips:

Buy stamps ahead

Many who buy wedding invitations in Australia save on postage by thinking ahead and buying their stamps in advance. When the price of stamps is low, take advantage of it and collect them if you need them so when you get your invitations, you can save time and money by posting them right away.

Be mindful of your card size and quantity

Your postage cost typically increases the bigger and heavier your parcel is. Take into consideration how many invitations you will be sending out and the size. You can inquire your local post office for the most affordable parcel sizes so you can have your invitations customised according to them.

Get a realistic estimate

To help you stay within budget, it would be best to get an estimate of the total cost of the invitations. Ask your supplier about the price of your desired wedding invitation package as well as the shipping if they will deliver it to you.

At Giant Invitations, you can request a custom quote from our online platform. Simply fill in the questionnaire with the details of the invite cards you want to avail of. Within one business day, we will get back to you with a quote specially calculated just for you. You may place your orders at our Melbourne showroom or online. If you choose the online option, we will send the cards to you pre-assembled after we have completed the production, which takes about six to eight days.

As for shipping, we offer standard and express delivery options to suit your needs and budget. If you want to save more money, you may opt to pick up your orders for free at our showroom located in Sydney Road, Brunswick in Melbourne instead.

What should I not include in a wedding invitation?

There are many things you shouldn’t miss when ordering wedding invitations in Australia, but there is also some information that is better left out. An important wedding etiquette to keep in mind is to never reference gifts or registries on your invitations. If you must, you may add a separate insert card but don’t print it on your formal invitation card. It’s also respectful not to directly say ‘no kids’ on your wedding invitation. In lieu of stating that on your card with a menacing font style, spread the word politely by word of mouth that guests should be adults only.

If you’re unsure about a certain element in your invitation card or need advice on how to move forward with your ideas, you can consult Giant experts over the phone or in person. We will help you make sure your invites send the right message to your guests in the most pleasing way. We also welcome you to supply your own wording for your invitation card. You can get some inspiration from our collection of wedding invitation wording examples.

What is the proper etiquette for sending wedding invitations?

Every country has its own wedding traditions. If you plan to send out wedding invitations in Australia, make sure you are well-informed of the right etiquette to do it. Sending out your invitations early to your guests shows that you value their convenience and time. You are giving them enough wiggle room to make preparations and respond to your invitation promptly.

Also make sure to be clear about the wedding schedule, location, dress code, and other essential details to avoid causing your guests the hassle of having to clarify them directly with you. It’s also proper etiquette to ensure that you serve food that is safe for your guests. You may ask your guests for any food allergies they may have or preferred food options through RSVP cards.

Giant Invitations boasts one of the fastest turnaround times in Melbourne, so you get a better chance of sending out your wedding invitations in Australia early. We can also accommodate overnight turnaround requests for guests who need to send their invites right away for a limited selection of print finishes and card stock.

Giant doesn’t just specialise in engagement invitations and wedding invitations; we also create RSVP cards, place cards, and other stationery to match your invites. Leave it to us to design an attractive and effective RSVP card that will help get an accurate guest count and decide on the appropriate menu to serve your guests.

At Giant Invitations, you can work closely with an expert in wedding invitation designs and invitation printing. We don’t rely on ready-to-use templates here; we take the time to go through the entire creative process with you from start to finish. With this, we can ensure that you are no less than satisfied with the results, whether you want a rustic theme or an elegant style. We have over thirty years of combined experience in designing wedding invitations in Australia.

Call us today or visit our website to book an appointment for our showroom! We can’t wait to make your dream wedding invites come true.

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