How to Write Wedding Vows: What Not to Do

Writing wedding vows can be the perfect way to add a personalised touch to your big day. It can however also cause added stress; here we provide our tips for not what to do so writing your own wedding vows will be a breeze.

bride and groom exchanging wedding vows

Don’t Try and See How Much You Can Write

Your vows don’t need to be a long winded explanation on your views on marriage or why you are choosing tie the knot. Nor should they detail all your favourite memories or stories with your fiancé or all of the reasons why you are marrying them just a few will suffice. Remember it is very easy for your guests to lose focus and while it is your day be mindful of your guest’s attention spans. Generally speaking short wedding vows will have a greater impact so stick with a length of 2-3 minutes. This is plenty of time to convey all the information and emotion you need for successful and beautiful wedding vows.

Don’t Forget Notes

Always carry or have at least 2 copies of your vows on hand. No matter how confident you are in your memory and ability recite what you wrote nerves and emotions can get the best of all of us at times. Even if you simply put together some cue cards as opposed to writing out your full speech – you may not need them but they’re handy to have. Also, having 2 copies of your vows will safeguard you just in case in the midst of all the chaos the morning of your wedding it gets misplaced.

bride and groom exchange personal wedding vows

Don’t Get TOO Personal

Be mindful of your audience and your partner when writing your vows – don’t write anything that might embarrass them or make your guests feel awkward. This means nothing too personal and no intimated details! While you do want personal wedding vows unique to you and your fiancé there is definitely a line of what is appropriate to share that you need to avoid crossing.

Don’t Overuse Humour

Everyone wants funny wedding vows and while it is perfectly fine and recommended to add humour to your vows it is wise to do so sparingly. You don’t want your vows to end up one big joke getting married is a momentous occasion in your life and one that deserves some seriousness. So yes add jokes here and there to keep your vows light-hearted but also shed light on the emotions you feel towards the significance of the commitment you are making.

beautiful wedding vows

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Wedding Vows

The best wedding vows are simple and honest. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and over think everything. Speak from the heart and you simply cannot fail.

Don’t Forget to Practice

Even if it just means reading through your vows once it is so important to practice. As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ and it will help you to ensure you are comfortable saying the words and phrases you have used. It will also give you an indication on the length of your vows – remember though that nerves on the big day may result in you speaking a little faster than when you recite your vows on your own.

Knowing how to write wedding vows can sometimes be the easy part, actually sitting down and putting them together is the hard part. So make sure you set yourself some deadlines and goals so that you can avoid procrastinating and rushing to write your vows at the last minute.

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