breaking wedding tradition with mistmatched bridesmaids

Wedding Traditions That You Can Ditch

Everybody has their own ideas of what traditions make a wedding and while there are some wedding customs that will never fade there are some that bridal couples can easily ditch. Your wedding should be a personal reflection of you and your fiancé so if that means skipping a few traditions here and there then we say why not!? Here are some wedding traditions that you can exclude from your big day.

bride and groom wedding traditions

White Wedding Dress

The classic white wedding dress while still prominent is no longer the only accepted option for brides. Many brides are now instead wearing a beautiful non-white wedding dress in shades that they feel most comfortable in and designers are catering to this. A huge trend in 2014, most bridal collections especially from the high end designers will now feature coloured gowns. From subtle blush pinks to vibrant corals brides are daring to rock bright and colourful gowns. Of course there will still be people who won’t love your coloured wedding dress as much as you do however many will think it perfectly reflects your personality. So if a white wedding dress isn’t for you, then so be it! Brides are not only experimenting with colour, patterns have found their way into bridal designs as have glamorous gold sequined dresses.

sprakly gold non-white wedding dresses

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

While completely adorable, many couples are choosing to skip having these roles performed at their wedding ceremony. For some they simply may not know any kids to fill the role while for others age may be an issue. On the flip side if you have quite a few options for who could fill the role for instance many nieces and nephews why not have more than one of each or find other roles so that everyone feels included and is a part of your big day. Another fun alternative is to have your dog fill the role instead. You can even opt to only have a flower girl or only have a ring bearer. As much as everyone will love seeing the kiddies walk down the aisle it is an aspect to your ceremony that won’t be missed if you decide to forgo it.

bride with multiple flower girls

Bridesmaids Wearing Matching Dresses

Brides are no longer dressing their bridesmaids in matching gowns. While the uniform look is still highly popular many brides are catering for the different body shapes and styles of their bridal party when shopping for bridesmaid dresses. It can be rather difficult to find one dress that will look equally flawless on all bridesmaids which is something brides seeking a matching look will realise once they start shopping. Brides however can still create a cohesive look by having each bridesmaid wear a dress in either the same shade or fabric but in a silhouette that flatters their shape or personal style preferences. This will keep your bridesmaids happy and create chic bridal party look. This new take also applies to bouquets, your bridesmaids don’t need to all be holding the same bouquet especially if they are wearing different coloured dresses. Like the dresses the bouquets can be made up of the same flower in different colours or the same coloured flowers in different types.

breaking wedding tradition with mistmatched bridesmaids

The Garter Toss

For some brides (and grooms) the garter toss can be a really uncomfortable moment. Let’s be honest having your groom go underneath your dress to retrieve your garter without the use of his hands and in front of all your nearest and dearest sounds extremely daunting. So there is no reason why you can’t skip this tradition altogether, most of your guests probably won’t even notice especially if you skip tossing the bouquet as well.  While the garter toss can be a fun wedding tradition it can also encourage all the single males to get rowdy so bridal couples need to weigh up whether the garter toss is something that will make or break their wedding reception.

These are but a mere selection of wedding traditions that won’t be missed on your big day; there are many more wedding customs that you can ditch from your festivities or instead opt for an alternate. Click here to read Wedding Traditions and their Modern Alternatives.

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