Wedding Traditions and Customs

There are certain expectations that come with a wedding. These expectations are based on the notion that the bride and groom should follow or uphold certain wedding traditions. Here we take a look at some of these long held wedding day customs and discuss how they are being modernised.

bride and groom wedding customs

Having Your Father Walk You down the Aisle

While it is considered tradition to have your Father walk you down the aisle there is nothing that says this is a given. Perhaps you don’t have the best relationship with your father or you don’t buy into the whole someone giving you away thing or you’d simply prefer to grant someone else this honour. Whatever the case may be this tradition is totally open to interpretation or to be forgotten altogether.

If you are however considering doing away with tradition and have a good relationship with your father it is wise to have an open discussion about his feelings towards walking you down the aisle. You might be surprised to find it’s something he’s thought about and has always looked forward to. It is important to remember that while it is ‘your’ day many parents have been thinking about your day for as long as you have if not longer.

wedding traditions father walking bride down aisle

Holding a Bouquet

The wedding tradition of the bride carrying a bouquet of flowers as she walks down the aisle to her awaiting groom dates back to ancient times when it is believed the flowers were used to ward off evil spirits. While this isn’t really the case today, many brides continue to grace the aisle with a striking bouquet of blossoming blooms. In modern times however some brides are opting for their own take on this age old tradition. Rather than holding a plentiful array of flowers some brides are opting to hold one solitary flower.

Fresh flowers are also being pushed aside in some cases with brides instead creating their wedding bouquet out of intricate brooches, crafty paper flowers or fabric. Brides have even used pinwheels, branches, succulents, buttons and shells as alternatives.

bride hoding wedding bouquet

The First Dance

The customary first dance between the newly married husband and wife is meant to signify the beginning of the wedding festivities by ‘opening’ the dance floor to all guests. As the hosts of the celebration it is considered the bride and grooms responsibility to do so. Some couples will head directly to the dance floor after making their grand entrance at the reception others will choose to slot the dance into the dinner by entertaining their guests between courses and others will leave the dance for after the meal has concluded.

Traditionally couples have performed a bridal waltz nowadays couples are performing anything from a sultry tango to an impressive hip hop routine. Most couples however will perform a slow dance where they lovingly sway to the music stealing a special moment where it feels like it’s just the two of them making for the perfect wedding photo opportunity. Couples who aren’t particularly fond of the first dance or are shy have instead opted to open the dance floor for guests with a group dance with their bridal party or have a first drink or even a first song by performing a karaoke duet.

bride and groom first dance on their wedding day

Carrying the Bride across the Threshold

Much like most of the other wedding traditions this one derives from superstition with the belief that by carrying the bride over the threshold she was being protected from evil spirits. It is also believed that this tradition originated during the middle ages where it would have been seen as improper if the bride displayed eagerness to consummate the marriage and as such needed to be carried by her groom over the threshold. Nowadays such an action is considered a fun and romantic gesture by the groom however many couples are more than happy to skip this one.

bride and groom fulfill wedding tradition carrying over the threshold

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… and a sixpence in your shoe!

Following this old Victorian rhyme of ‘something old something new’ was said to bring good luck to the bride. Whether you do or don’t believe the meaning behind the rhyme it’s a fun tradition many modern brides have continued to follow. Each aspect to the rhyme has its own meaning so brides can pick and choose what they want to incorporate and how. Brides are continually finding clever and personalised ways to follow this wedding tradition. Such as having their something blue be the words ‘I DO’ written in blue embellishments and stuck to the soles of their shoes.

something blue bridal wedding shoes




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