Wedding Tips: Picking Your Wedding Shoes

Picking the perfect wedding shoes is an important part to putting together your bridal look. Here we detail our essential wedding tips to ensure you make the best choice for your feet!

tips for perfect pink wedding shoes

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

When it comes to selecting your wedding shoes one of your first considerations should be the comfort factor. Weddings are traditionally long days where you will be doing a lot of standing, mingling and taking photos. Unless you wear heels day in day out it is not advisable to choose a pair of towering heels. As a bride you want to avoid struggling to walk in your gown, or complaining of sore feet before the wedding reception even begins so its best to seek out comfortable wedding shoes similar to what you are used to wearing.

If however you’ve fallen in love with a certain pair of sky high stilettos, a wise idea might be to invest in a second more comfortable pair of shoes for later in the evening. Your secondary shoes can be a comfortable pair of kitten heel, flats or sandals. If you are sporting a long gown most of your guests will be none the wiser.  Do remember that swapping into flat shoes when your dress has been altered to suit high heels does mean you run the risk of treading on your gown.

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Never wear your wedding shoes for the first time on your wedding day. Be sure to wear them in a little, this could just mean wearing them around the house so that they stretch a little. This can help prevent any soreness or potential blisters on the big day. Its also a good idea to have a trial run of your first dance with your fiancé in your bridal shoes too! Dancing in heels can be very different to dance with flat shoes or barefoot,

You should aim to have your wedding shoes in time for your final fitting, this way you can try your shoes on with your gown and have your dressmaker ensure the length is correct for the size heel you will be wearing on the big day.

classic bridal shoes with embellishments

Designer Wedding Shoes

While you may not realise it, your guests will see glimpses of your wedding shoes throughout the day as you walk and your dress moves with you regardless of the length. This is why it is important to invest in a pair of designer wedding shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. Not to mention beautiful wedding shoes can make for some classic pre wedding shots and some modern, fun photos during your post ceremony session.

The style of shoes you select should tie in with your overall wedding theme and bridal style, if you are opting for a minimal gown pair this with refined shoes. Classic ivory wedding shoes with embellishments are an enduring popular choice however stilettos with bright pops of colour to match your wedding colour scheme like pink or even fulfilling your ‘something blue’ with your wedding shoes is always a fun choice.

something blue inspiration for wedding shoes

One of our biggest wedding tips is to consider the style of wedding you will be holding as it will greatly dictate the type of shoe you select. For instance beach weddings and skyscraper heels are never a good match. Brides should consider flats or wedges for outdoor weddings where a majority of time will be spent on uneven surfaces such as grass or sand.


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