Wedding Table Number Cards & Name Cards

Wedding Table Number Cards

When you start planning your wedding reception or wedding diner, it is common to include embellishing table number cards and place them on the tables. This is quite practical and lets your guests know where to sit.
Organising a wedding celebration is not easy, and therefore little assisting tools like number cards can come in quite handy. You can choose the perfect seat for every guest, sorted by priorities or importance. For instance, your family can sit next to you, then other tables can be arranged for your relatives, friends, neighbours, and so on.
The table number cards can come in various designs and can be made of different materials. Depending on your wedding theme, you can choose cards made of paper, wood, plastic, glass, or even pearls.

Wedding Table Name Cards

All those who seek an alternative to number cards, there are table name cards. Instead of numbers, you can choose different names or phrases to print onto your cards. Not only can using these cards be very useful, but it can also be very entertaining. You can choose names you like best. These names can be related to your favourite places, hobbies, persons, sports, books, music, etc.

Displaying Table Number Cards

In terms of arranging your wedding table number cards, there are two solutions. They can be set on the centre of a table, or at a side. Regardless of the two, it is only important that the card can be easily seen and all guests will be able to find their seats. The table can include other wedding stationery or helping accessories such as holders, frames, vases, hooks, candles, bottles and more.

Wedding Table Numbers
Wedding Table Name

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