Wedding Table Decorations Guide

View your wedding table as a blank canvas to bring your wedding theme and colour scheme to life. It is the perfect opportunity to display your unique wedding style which befits your personalities. Not sure where to start or what you’ll need to decorate your tables? Here we’ll provide you with the answers to help you create visual interest for your guests with our wedding table decorations guide.

When styling your wedding reception the setup of your tables is always the starting point to build everything else from and is what your guests will notice the most.  There are a few key elements that work well together to create the style of your tables so we’ll outline them below and hopefully spark the flow for your wedding ideas.

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Your table cloth should be treated as your starting point. Traditionally clean and crisp white table cloths were used as backdrops to enhance eye catching centrepieces. However modern brides are instead opting for bold printed or sequined table cloths with less pronounced centre pieces ultimately bringing the table’s backdrop to the forefront.  If this doesn’t fit your wedding theme or is a tad too daring in style for you, table runners can be used as a less dramatic way to add printed linen and texture to your tables without dominating the wedding decorations. Table cloths and runners can be used to incorporate your wedding colours, perhaps alternating the colour of the table cloth for each table.


Table centrepieces will act as the focal point for your wedding reception tables and will naturally be used to draw the eye. Flower arrangements are the most popular centrepiece option commonly followed by brides. Wedding flowers add an undeniable charm that can display warmth, romance, luxury and vibrancy. Candles are another popular alternative for their ability to create a romantic atmosphere and suit a number of wedding themes depending on how they are presented. Candle presentations options include grouping them in a range of different heights, having them float in a bowl of water or using candelabras to hold the candles which will create a dramatic and elegant effect. Combinations of flowers and candles are also highly popular. Balloons, vintage books, photo frames and even potted plants all make great centrepiece alternatives. The wedding centrepieces used on your tables don’t need to be identical on each table. They just need to follow a similar theme. You could opt for alternating centrepieces or a completely different centrepiece for each table however this requires a lot of work and research. Be wary of the size of your centrepieces as they can have the capacity to block your guests view and hinder their conversations if they are too large.

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Wedding stationery ties everything together and creates a flowing effect for your tables by complementing your centrepiece and linen. A table number card is the first piece of stationery every wedding table needs if you want any structure to your seating. Table numbers functionally speaking provide guests with the vital information as to which table they are located on. While styling wise table numbers add a personalised touch to your table decorations.  Place cards are the next important element for your seating arrangements. Place cards inform guests as to which seat has been allocated to them and also help to make them feel included in your big day. Your table stationery should be finished with menus. It’s always a nice touch to present each guest with their own menu card to peruse however a few menus per table will also suffice. It’s wise to have your stationery matching so that a coherent and transparent style is created.

Place Settings

Your tableware while essential for its functionality will also add necessary layers to your tablescape. Plates and cutlery may be supplied by your venue and you need not have to worry. If however you do have a say for how your settings will look think about the overall style and feel of your tables. Should the plates be vintage china or more sleek and modern? Do you want them to feature designs and patterns or prefer one solid colour? What about the shape, are you thinking round or square? These are all considerations you should make.  Remember to also avoid overcrowding your place settings and moreover the entire table so that your guests will feel comfortable in their surrounds.

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Finishing Touches

Adding shimmering confetti to your table decorations can be a nice finishing touch to your tablescape providing a hint of sparkle to draw the eye. You can get heart shaped confetti or stars or even use specks of glitter. If sparkle isn’t for you petals can also be scattered across your table and when paired with candles will help create a truly romantic ambiance. While for a beach wedding shells are the perfect way to add drama and distinction to your tables. Another finishing touch is to use your glassware and napkins to emphasise your wedding colour theme. However be careful not to go overboard you don’t want your wedding reception looking too coordinated nor do you want the contrast in colours to be too bold. You need to ensure everything balances out by choosing individual items to accent.

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