Wedding Speech Tips for the Bride and Groom

Traditionally it is the groom who speaks at the wedding reception however in modern times more brides are too taking their turn to share their delight and appreciation with their guests via a well prepared wedding speech. To ensure your wedding speeches go off without a hitch we’re sharing our top tips for delivering memorable and moving bridal speech.

Bride and Groom toasting during wedding speech

Speaking from the Heart

At the core of a great bride or grooms wedding speech is gratitude and sincerity. You should aim to thank everyone for attending your big day and then thank people individually who helped in the planning and coordination of your wedding. Special mentions are always a hit, but make sure you actually mean what you are saying otherwise you run the risk of your speech coming off as rehearsed and contrived. There is no need to mention everyone just those who you think are important enough to be noted. Of special importance is your bridal party, they should be a selection those nearest and dearest that you have chosen to share your special day with. More often than not they will have played a big role in the planning of your big day so showing your appreciation to them is essential.

bride and groom together deliver wedding speeches

Wedding Speech Ideas

Aside from those who helped with the wedding, you can also thank people for their role and influence on your life and your fiancé’s life by helping you both get to where you are.  This might include bosses, colleagues, friends or family members. Traditionally in the grooms speech it is his responsibility to highlight and thank both sets of parents for any financial contributions they have made for the wedding however brides can also reiterate this.

You might also like to take a moment within your speech to honour lost relatives or friends. We do however recommend that you try and mix it up amongst your speech with a little light and shade. While there is nothing wrong with bringing your guests to tears with your speeches (sad or happy tears) you don’t want to delve too much into the emotional side of things so try to follow and finish your speech with a touch of humour. This will leave guests on a light note so that they are ready to continue with the reception celebrations.

groom wedding speech to guests

The Beauty of Simplicity

It can be difficult to know how to write a wedding speech, however the key to a successful wedding speech is to keep it simple. More often than not emotions will be flowing on your wedding day so trying to deliver complicated anecdotes or quotes can sometimes prove too difficult and cause you to stumble on your words. Instead keep your speech simple. You might choose to retell a story, explain your feelings and maybe some history of your relationship as well as make some special mentions and thankyous within you speech either way try not to overcomplicate your wording or cram too much in – no one likes a long speech either! If you are going to read a quote or poem make sure you have practised your delivery so that you are completely comfortable with the phrasing. This leads us to our next point.

bridal speech at wedding reception

Always Prepare

It is best not to rely on inspiration on the day when it comes to delivering a wedding speech. Always prepare a speech at least a few days before the wedding so you have time to practise. This will also help you avoid missing out on mentioning anyone or tripping up on your words. You don’t necessarily have to write your full speech out but some cue cards with some defined dot points will suffice. You are likely to have consumed alcohol throughout the course of your wedding day so having something to refer to will keep your speech on track and enjoyable.

Bride and Groom Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Lastly, don’t forget to…

Mention your new husband or wife! This might sound silly but a lot of brides and grooms can simply forget the most important person on the day, their spouse. Much like you would when writing your vows you might thank them for their support or how they have changed your life, share your goals for the future, retell a story from your relationship like the proposal, first date etc. or just declare your love either way make sure that you include them within your wedding speech. It is of course your big day as a couple.



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