Wedding Planning Tasks for the Mother of the Bride

There are so many different elements to planning a wedding that it is almost impossible for a bride to complete them all. So here we detail our top picks for wedding planning responsibilities that your Mum can easily help you out with so as to lessen the load.

wedding planning help from mother of bride

Wedding Locations

One simple task the mother of the bride can help with is scouting potential wedding ceremony and reception venues. Your Mum need not have a say in the final decision but she can definitely source quotes for you to aid in the selection process. Getting quotes can be tremendously time consuming  so having someone help you in gathering different prices for comparison can be a huge help and effectively cut your planning time. Your Mother might even be able to provide you with some amazing potential venues which you may not have even come across by doing some research and seeking out recommendations from her friends, family or work colleagues.

Taking Calls and Answering Emails

You Mum can act as the first point of contact for some of your wedding vendors and suppliers. While she may not be able to make any important decisions without consulting you first she can finalise details and provide information about the day’s events. Your Mum might even be able to tap into her network to get you discounts from vendors.

mother of bride planning a wedding

Organising Your Guest List and Seating Chart

Organising your wedding guest list can be one of the hardest responsibilities associated with planning a wedding. Here your Mum can weigh in and help you decide which family members and friends to invite. They can also help when it comes time to send out your wedding invitations by collating all the addresses and double checking that you have the correct spelling for everyone’s names. Upon receiving all of your RSVPs, together with your Mum you can arrange and finalise your wedding seating plan. This is one aspect to wedding planning that can drive many brides crazy, however having the calming voice of your Mother might be just what you need to get through it. Your Mum will also be able to advise you on any pieces of family information that can affect who sits where.

Incorporating Wedding Traditions

Another one of the mother of the bride duties is if you will be holding a religious or traditional ethnic ceremony reflective of your background your Mother will be able to help research and advise you on how to best tailor your wedding ceremony to suit this. Your mother can also share with you family heirlooms that can be incorporated into your big day.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Of course you will want your Mum with you when you begin trying on wedding dresses. It’s a big moment in both of your lives. The beauty of having your Mum with you is that she can help you find the one by providing you with an honest opinion, sometimes bridesmaids or maid of honours are worried to share if they think you like the wrong dress – mothers not so much! Although in the end it is ultimately up to you which wedding dress you wear.

mother of the bride wedding dress shopping with daughter

Tasting Sessions

A second opinion never hurts when it comes to taste testing as well. You will need to pick caterers and decide on a menu for your reception. You will also need to select a baker and the perfect wedding cake flavour. This can get confusing especially when you are trying to cater to the tastes of a large group. Having your Mum with you for this process can help offer a varied opinion from that of yours and your fiancé.

Wedding planning can be a relatively stressful task unless you delegate some of the tasks to people you can trust such as your Mother. The above outline tasks can be completed by Mothers of the bride with ease.

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