Wedding Gifts and Bridal Shower Gifts: What’s the difference?

Many people are wondering if the bridal shower gift is intended for the couple of for the bride alone. In addition, are wedding gifts any different from bridal shower gifts?

Wedding Gifts Tradition and Origin

Generally, wedding gifts are for the wedding couple, in which you would buy from the registry. On the other hand, shower gifts can be for either the bride alone or for the couple. What’s more, these gifts do not need to be from the registry.


Wedding Gift

Since the wedding gift should be an honest present, and not an obligation, you should choose it and give it from the heart. A polite couple would make a list of gifts in the registry in order to adjust to all the guests. A considerate guest should not bring the gift to the wedding ceremony, but rather post it or hand it to the couple some time before the special day. The idea is to relieve them from doing things that are not directly related to organising the ceremony.

Bridal Shower Tradition and Origin

Usually, bridal shower gifts should be for the bride alone. However, as mentioned above it can be sent to the couple, but in the sense of sending the gifts to the house (again from the registry).

There are many household gifts you can choose for a new home. The entire idea is to bring the bride closer to her friends, support her morally, and make her marriage as easy as possible.

If you like, you can always send two gifts. One for the bride alone and one that will match the couple’s wedding registry. An alternative for the gift is, of course, money.

Themed gifts

Some brides like, so called themed bridal showers. For example, it might be a kitchen shower where guests bring something for the kitchen. Any other theme is also acceptable, so if you like this idea choose a theme that you like best.


Ocean Themed Wedding Gift

Gifts in general

The best gifts for the bride or couple are the ones she/they need. It is even better if the gift is personalised, so that the couple are able to appreciate the effort you have put in. It can also be memorable if it reminds them of you.┬áBe that as it may, as long as it comes from the heart it’s fine. Other things are less important.

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