Wedding Drink Tips

There was a comment I once read about wedding drinks that said something like this: If you want to have fun, forget about the rules. The more drinks, the more memories!

Concerning wedding etiquette and tradition, there is a general rule of thumb that tells about things you should do, and those you shouldn’t. This is handy to know and have in mind, however, don’t forget that this is going to be your wedding, and that you want to organise it the way you like. These guides can help you to get a closer insight about what kind of wedding drinks are usually offered. However, if this is not what you had in mind, forget about it and do it your way.


Signature Wedding Drink

Which Wedding Drinks to Serve

Traditionally, champagne is the main drink served on wedding. It is used during speeches, meals, and after party. Besides, there are other types of wine, both red and white. If possible, try to have drinks that will match the food on the table, in order to let everyone get the best out of it. On the other hand, you don’t want your guests to get drunk too early, so all kinds of drinks at the same time might be something to think about twice. Or not?

Wedding-drinks-and food

Various Wedding Drinks

Weather Conditions

Might sound silly, but weather conditions are also important in terms of the drink selection you will serve on the special day. For instance, if the wedding is held outdoors, and it is very hot, make sure there are non-alcoholic drinks such as water, lemonade, orange juice, and similar. You do not want your guests to feel dizzy and disoriented because of the scorching heat. There are also non-alcoholic cocktails (also known as ‘vitamin bombs’) that are great for a quick fresh-up.


Drink Bars and Catering

Depending on your investment you can either hire a catering service, or organise it all on your own. Many people dream about having open bars at least once in their lifetime, so maybe this is the perfect chance to have one. The bar can include a waiter staff, or be open for a self service.


Open Wedding Drink Bar

In case you have trouble organising all this, you can consult a professional and find the best solutions together.

What were the most delicious drinks at your wedding?
Were there any special cocktails?

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