Wedding Day Timeline: How to be Stress Free the Morning of Your Big Day

There will be an abundance of activity the morning of your wedding so to make sure you remain calm through it all we’ve put together our guide for organising your morning of wedding timeline full of helpful wedding planning tips!

Wedding timeline planning the wedding morning hair and makeup

Make Time to Eat

It is essential that you start the day right so have breakfast planned. Do this by setting aside some time in the morning with your bridal party to enjoy a healthy breakfast or some nibbles to munch on while you are getting ready – having both is preferable. While you may not feel hungry in the morning you will be later in the day so remember that a hungry bride will not be the happiest of brides so get the basics right and make sure you don’t skip this important meal.

Try to eat and brush your teeth before you get your make up done. Even though you may not feel like eating, weddings are a long day and you can never be sure when you’ll be able to squeeze in something to get you through the day. Eating before you get your makeup done will ensure there are no mishaps that can affect your makeup. Also have straws on hand for consuming drinks once your makeup has been done.

Preparation is Key

Having an emergency kit ready to go is extremely important. This kit should include practical items such as band aids, bobby pins, sewing kits as well as beauty products like your lipstick and finishing powder so that you can retouch your look throughout the day. Perhaps, even consider having a second pair of shoes on hand to get you through the day. A phone charger can also be a very helpful inclusion however brides should allocate any important wedding related calls to their maid of honour so that the bride can remain stress free.

One of the best tips for brides in planning their big day is to have a piece of paper with all of the important wedding vendor contact numbers written down. This paper should then be given to the maid of honour so that just in case any wedding mishaps do arise someone else can handle it. This will further ensure the bride can relax.

Always prepare for things to go wrong or take longer than you had anticipated by allowing a little leeway in your schedule. If things end up running smoothly you’ll simply have time to take some extra snaps before your walk the down aisle or take a moment to settle any nerves.

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Traffic interruptions can be a reality, perhaps your makeup artist is running a little late or its taking longer to get to your ceremony location than you had anticipated. If you have a little extra time within your schedule all of these very probable instances will be catered for.

If your bridesmaids will be meeting you at a location to get ready, tell them a little bit earlier than when they actually need to be there just so you can avoid anyone running late and throwing your schedule out. Brides and bridesmaids usually start getting ready quite early in the morning so be prepared for the likelihood of someone accidentally sleeping in!

If you will be staying at a hotel after your wedding make sure you have your overnight bag already packed. This is definitely not something you want to be doing the morning of your wedding. Also make sure you have someone taking care of it and bringing it to the reception or dropping it off at the hotel room for you.

Know how to fasten your dress, this might sound silly but each wedding dress will have a different method. Some will have zips others buttons, whatever the case when you go to pick up your dress or have you final fitting take your maid of honour along. The dress designer or sales staff will be able to show your maid of honour how to best get you secure in your wedding dress.

Getting Your Hair and Makeup Done

Find out at your wedding hair and makeup trial any tips for how you and your bridesmaids should prep your hair and skin for the wedding. Then ensure you pass this information on to your bridal party so that they will be ready as per your stylist’s instructions. Organise who is getting their makeup and hair done, how long each will take with your stylists in advance so that you can set your wedding timeline. Also, pay a little extra and select a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist who will come to you. Travelling to and from your appointments will only add stress to your big day especially if there is the potential to encounter traffic. Now before your makeup artist and hair stylist arrives figure out the order for everyone getting their makeup done so that no time will be wasted making this decision once they are there.

If you have quite a large bridal party who are all getting their hair and makeup done as well as the mother of the bride you will need to book a hair stylist and wedding makeup artist plus at least one assistant to cut down on time. While you may prefer to cut costs by having only one hair stylist and makeup artist on the day it will definitely put a lot of strain on the one person and may take a fair amount of time for them to get through everyone. If you need to pay your hair stylists and makeup artists any remaining fees on the day make sure you have the money on hand, so that you are not fussing about. Perhaps give the money to your maid of honour or mother to handle.

wedding makeup and hair for bride

Have your veil or headpiece, shoes and jewellery all ready to go. This will allow your photographer to take any pre wedding snaps while you are still getting your hair and makeup done. It also ensures there are no panicked moments when you can’t find something and lastly will give your hairstylist a reminder on what you will be wearing.

It is very important that you opt to get ready in a room that has an abundance of natural light which your makeup artist and photographer can take advantage of. Also having a room large enough to accommodate for your bridal party and makeup artists, photographer, hairstylists and any family members dropping by is essential.

The Morning of…

Get your dress out of the bag and give it time to air out before you put it on. This will allow for the fabric to settle and any creases to disappear. This will also provide an opportunity for your photographer to take a couple of shots of the gown.

Allow some time in your schedule to take a moment with your ladies to have a toast. This can soothe any pre wedding jitters and can give you a chance to thank them for all their help in planning your special day. It will also allow you a chance to get excited about your wedding and realise that it is actually happening!

bride and bridesmaids toasting as part of wedding timeline

If you will be having an outdoor wedding ceremony, checking the weather is a must but don’t let it become an obsession. Simply check the forecast and make any necessary arrangements if you need to go to plan B. Always have a bad weather back up plan for outdoor ceremonies and receptions regardless of the time of year. Rain and wind are always a possibility.

It is your day, so put yourself in the best possible position to enjoy every second of it with a little forward thinking and wedding planning.

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