Wedding Colour Schemes: How to Add Pink to Your Wedding

Finalising your wedding colours is an important step in planning and styling your big day. So if you’re particularly fond of the colour pink but fear it may be too feminine for a wedding rest assured it’s not. Here we detail how to subtly add pink to your wedding theme without overdoing it.

Pink Wedding Decor for Beach Style

Flowers for Your Big Day

One of the simplest ways to incorporate the colour pink into your wedding is to utilise your wedding flowers. Your bridal bouquet is the perfect instance of this and can be used to complement your colour scheme by including the matching colour – in this example that would be pink. You can choose to have a bouquet filled with pink or simply scattered amongst other colours. For those brides wanting to keep it subtle have a white bouquet with the odd blush accent flower in amongst the white.  You can then have the same bouquets for your bridesmaids or one that is a complementary design for the overall look.  Perhaps you are including a bright pink in your colours but don’t want it as part of your bridal look, why not instead have your bridesmaid bouquets incorporate the pink for you.  Your bridal bouquet should then match your groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, a pop of pink whether soft or bright can really liven up your groom’s style. A blush pink boutonniere will work particularly well for a classic groom look.

pink wedding flower arrangements for reception table centrepieces

Aside from your bouquets you can also use your wedding flower arrangements to highlight your wedding colour themes. Pink flowers can be eye-catching, vibrant and romantic depending on the exact shade you select. Your pink flowers can be either the standout colour or mixed in with other tones and won’t look overly feminine.

Bridal Attire

Coloured wedding dresses are a major wedding trend in 2014. While they have been around for a while it is only this year that we have seen more mainstream high end designers and brides opting to ditch the traditional white wedding gown. A pink wedding dress while modern can still provide a classic bridal air especially when in a blush shade. The design and silhouette of the gown can also emphasise a traditional bridal style even when in a bold and bride tone that would not normally be considered as bridal. If rocking a coloured wedding dress isn’t for you, perhaps consider instead sporting pink shoes or having accessories that feature pink stones this includes jewellery or a head piece.

blush pink mischka badgley wedding shoes for bride

For brides who want to stick with the traditional white wedding dress yet still want pink as part of their bridal attire why not instead look to utilise your bridal party. Pink bridesmaid dresses are always a wise choice. The colour is universally flattering and ultra-feminine making it the perfect choice for those very important ladies standing by your side.  If you’re having flowers girls they too will look fabulous in pink and are sure to have your guests fussing over how sweet they look.

Pink need not be left just to the ladies, as they say real men wear pink so have your groom and groomsmen join the trend and also sport your pink wedding colour scheme. Obviously we wouldn’t recommend anything too in your face but a bright pink shirt works well with a navy suit while a soft pink shirt would match a classic groom style be it navy, black, grey or even beige for beach weddings!  If the shirt is too much a pink tie or one that incorporates pink in its pattern will also be a great idea for a hint of colour for your groom and groomsmen without overshadowing the entire look.

groom wearing pink tie for wedding

Wedding Stationery

Your wedding invitations and stationery provide a formal introduction to your wedding while also offering a glimpse of your wedding style. Your invitations will set your guests expectations for your wedding and will usually share with them your colour scheme. How you choose to incorporate you colour scheme can be done in a couple of different ways. For pink wedding invitations you can choose to have the invitations printed on pink paper, accentuated by a pink ribbon or even printed with a pink font! A more subtle and neater way to include pink within your invitations and stationery is to instead include a specific illustration or motif which can be carried throughout your entire wedding and across all stationery. This pink image can appear on all of your day of stationery including your menus, place cards, table numbers and seating charts. The motif could be personalised by featuring your initials entwined or could be something fun and specific to you as a couple. For example couples where both partners’ are teachers have been known to incorporate pencil and apple motifs to depict their personalities.  The illustration could be anything special to you both, or could simply be a depiction of the bride’s favourite flower which will appear in her bouquet and other flower arrangements.

blush pink wedding invitation

Wedding Cake

When it comes to your wedding cake there are tons of options for incorporating your wedding colour scheme. You can opt to have your entire cake in a beautiful blush tone which is subtle yet still effectively adds a hint of colour. A bolder pink on the other hand would be better suited to an accent tier perhaps alternating with white or in an ombre coloured cake design where you start off with a lighter pink on the top tier and gradually reach the darker pink tone at the base. Ombre cakes are highly popular and can work for both modern weddings and those with a bohemian flair.  Ombre styled pink wedding cakes provides guaranteed wow factor without dominating your entire wedding décor. Another modern cake alternative is to incorporate a pattern as part of your cake design which can be used to provide pops of colour. Chevron style stripes and polka dots are among the most popular patterns used in wedding cake designs. Alternatively a classic white multi-tiered cake can be decorated with vibrant pink flowers to provide a modern twist to a timeless wedding style.

bright ombre pink wedding cake

Our wedding colour scheme tips are guaranteed to ensure your pink wedding is both memorable and chic.

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