Wedding Ceremony Tips

A Wedding Ceremony is traditional in most countries in the world. Regardless of your own taste, there are certain customs and rules that go along with such an event. Depending on expectations, this special day can follow these rules or break them. Exactly this factor will define the type of your wedding ceremony.


Wedding Ceremony Venues


This list of tips can help you to get an idea of what your wedding could look like. Nearly every ceremony shares some exact segments, however, you could find this usual and stereotypical, and get an idea of your own instead.


Wedding Ceremony Types

First of all, decide what kind of wedding ceremony you are going to have. Is it going to be standard, unusual, extreme, thematic, etc.? If there are things you particularly like, why not include them in your special day. For instance, you might like the smell of fresh sea air and organise your wedding on a boat, or near the beach, or arrange the venues with a thousand sea scented candles, and so on.

Guest List

Make a list of your guests. The number of guests is also important. Do you like uncrowded ceremonies where people can mingle freely, or not? Is second brother’s sister-in-low going to be a bit too much to handle or you want to include everyone? Can you stand kids that will spoil the party, or on the contrary, you think they can contribute to a great atmosphere?


Custom Wedding Guest Book


Date and Venues

Don’t let bad weather spoil your special day. Try as best as you can to book the perfect date, as well as the wedding location. Again, make your choices according to your preferences, and forget about what the others say. If your idea is to book your wedding ceremony for February 29th, why not do it so. Also, maybe you have always dreamed about organising your wedding day in a rockabilly themed venue, so this is the great chance.


Sending wedding invitations is not necessary, but it is certainly neat, especially sending those personalised and custom made. Unique invitation cards show your respect and love to your guests, which is highly appreciated.



Nothing can create a good atmosphere as music. So choose carefully. Will it be a classical band playing Bach and Chopin, a boy band singing love songs, one-man-band covering popular instrumentals, or a group of hard-core growlers jumping on the stage? Or you would rather exclude this and have a silent wedding ceremony?

Custom Ideas

Every couple has moments of their own. Maybe including some of those moments on the wedding day would be a great idea, if sharing them is fine with you of course. For instance, everyone knows you as ‘the couple that reads together‘, so sending books instead of wedding invitations might be a fantastic and original idea.

What are your ideas for a wedding ceremony?
What was your wedding ceremony like?
If there is anything you would like to share, feel free to comment.

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