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Wedding Cakes in Melbourne: The Icing on the Cake

Best Wedding Cake Shops Melbourne Has To Offer

For many women, the wedding day is the most important day of their life.  Weddings involve planning endless details, from the party to the dress, and one of everyone’s favourite parts about the reception—the cake.  In Melbourne, there are a variety of wedding cake shops that specialise in just about any kind of cake that someone could want.  Some of the different types of wedding cakes include fondant-covered cakes, buttercream cakes, chocolate cakes, champagne flavoured cakes, vanilla cakes, lemon cakes, and even carrot cakes.

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The top noted place in Melbourne, Australia to buy a wedding cake is at Ab Fab Cakes.  Ab Fab Cakes has the largest showroom in Melbourne with over 80 cakes on display.  This is a great place to come because not only can you easily see most of the cakes that AB FAB has to offer, but you can also choose one of the many styles of multi-tier cakes that AB FAB has designed.

Zimt patisserie bakery café is known for producing excellent celebration cakes, and in particular, the wedding cakes are some of the best around.  Zimt offers twenty different cake flavours, with some of them including Passionfruit Sponge cake, Chocolate Mousse Torte cake, Tiramisu cake, Flourless Chocolate cake, Walnut Torte cake, Carrot cake and Mud cake, among others.

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Another great wedding cake shop located in Melbourne Australia includes Sweet by Nature.  At Sweet by Nature, wedding cakes are hand crafted, have a flawless finish and taste amazing.  When choosing a wedding or engagement cake here, you can either have your cake custom designed, or can shop the online cake range.

Three Sweeties is a fantastic cake shop that offers a wide variety of sweet treats, with the main product being wedding cakes.  Three Sweeties designs fun, custom wedding cakes that fit every couple’s needs.  They offers eleven different flavours with the option of requesting a flavour if it is not sold there.  To make the process even easier, this cake shop offers a selection of filling and frostings to create a customisable cake that anyone would love.

As you can see, these are some of the best wedding cakes Melbourne has to offer.  A wedding is a special time in every couple’s life, so making the most of this celebration requires the perfect cake.  All of the wedding cake shops listed above are very easy to contact and have very friendly staff, so to request your cake, get started today.

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