Wedding Attire: Glossary of Terms for Your Groom

Brush up on your wedding attire vocabulary with our collection of some common terms associated with groom suits and style.

close up of wedding attire for groom via bow tie

Wedding Tuxedo

Ideal formal wedding attire, a tuxedo is distinguished by its satin lapels which feature on the jacket and matching satin stripe down the outer leg of the pant. Tuxedos are typically black or dark blue in colour and can be either single or double breasted. There are three types of lapel styles available with tuxedos as outlined below.

Shawl Lapel

A smooth rounded lapel

Notch Lapel

A triangular notch is cut where the lapel joins the collar.

Peak Lapel

A broad v-shaped lapel that points up and out just below the collar line

groom wearing classic wedding tuxedo with bow tie

Double Breast Jacket

A jacket or waistcoat featuring overlapping front panels and buttons aligned in two vertical rows.


A boutonniere is a floral adornment that is pinned to the lapel of your groom’s jacket.  Typically a single bud is used and normally matches that of the bride’s bouquet.

Groom adding a wedding boutonniere to his wedding suitBespoke Suits

A bespoke suit is one that is created entirely from scratch for the groom. This custom made option allows that groom to select the fabric and to ensure the suit is made from his correct measurements from the start allowing for a perfect fit.

Made to Measure Suits

A pre made pattern is altered to fit the groom’s measurements, in some instances the tailor will provide a limited selection of fabric options.

Ready to Wear Suits

Also referred to as off the rack ready to wear suits are already constructed and available from a clothing store. They can be altered for a better fit and are the most affordable option for wedding suits.

Bow tie

A knotted neck tie, typically worn with formal tuxedos however modern grooms are embracing a new, relaxed and on trend bow tie style by wearing with more casual wedding suits.

young groom sporting a casual bow tie wedding attire style


Suspenders also referred to as braces are adjustable straps which connect to the front of the trouser from the waistband, go over the shoulders and then attach to the back of the trousers. Suspenders act as an alternative to a belt.


A stroller is a jacket with no satin making it the perfect look for daytime weddings.

Tail coats

A tail coat jacket is short at the front featuring waist length front panels and two long knee length black panels at the rear.


As part of the groom attire cufflinks are decorative accessories used to fasten French cuffs. They are also make for a great gift idea for your groomsmen.

groom attire adding cufflinks to wedding suit

French cuff

A double folded shirt cuff which requires cuff links

Pocket square

A pocket square is a small pocket handkerchief which is tucked into the left breast pocket and worn by groom or groomsmen instead of a boutonniere.

close up of grooms suit and pocket square accessory


A cummerbund is a silk or satin sash that is used to cover the waistband of the groom’s trousers and is a popular look for black tie, formal weddings.

Barrel Sleeve

A barrel sleeve refers to where the ends of a jacket sleeve have a cuff that is unfolded and secured with a button.

Four-in-hand tie

The common necktie fastened with a slipknot

Groom getting ready in formal wedding attire


As part of a 3 piece suit and worn in pace of a cummerbund, the vest comes in a variety designs with or without lapels and with different button alignments or different cuts

Lounge Suit

Sometimes called a day suit, the lounge suit is considered the male equivalent of a cocktail dress.

Close up of grooms suit and wedding boutonniere

Ideally you and your groom should now be well equipped with a wedding attire vernacular to organise your groom and groomsmen suits after browsing through our glossary of popular wedding suit terms.

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