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Unique Ideas for Personalising Your Wedding Ceremony

Your stock standard wedding ceremony simply doesn’t cut it anymore for some brides, with many couples now trying to find ways to customise their ceremonies and make them truly unique. Aside from exchanging vows what else can you actually do? To help you add some spice to your ceremony and make it personal we’ve put together some of our favourite ceremony variations.

Having family members or close friends perform readings and prayers during the ceremony has become rather common place, so why not mix it up by having them offer their advice or best wishes for your marriage instead. You might even request they simply prepare a speech where they share their fondest memories with you. While you might think speeches are better left for the reception, how many people can you really have speaking before it gets to be too much. When it comes to wedding speeches especially those during the ceremony be sure to advise your speakers to keep it short and sweet.  There’s nothing worse than having speeches that go for a touch too long and lose the crowd’s interest.

If speeches aren’t your thing, you might be interested in having a mini ceremony during your ceremony such as a display of unity. Such displays include lighting candles, pouring two different coloured sands together, sharing a drink or even having your hands bound so that you are literally tying the knot. You can get creative with all of these unity presentations by lighting candles personalised with your initials, sharing a specially made cocktail or using a specially made ribbon or rope to bind your hands. Couples in the past have been known to make their ribbon by sewing together some of their clothes or even using their child’s blanket.

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Another great inclusion to your ceremony that your celebrant can administer is to put together a time capsule. To do this the bride and groom should each write a letter to the other, detailing how they feel in that moment and theirs hopes for the years to come. The letters with a bottle of wine and potentially some little mementos from the day should be placed into a box which is then sealed shut in front of your guests. With the intention of not opening the box again until say your fifth or tenth wedding anniversary, or even when you hit a rough patch in your relationship so that it can act as a reminder as to why you married.

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Some couples wish to put an emphasis on having their guests truly involved rather than just watching the events unfold. A way to do this is by having a separate set of vows directed at your guests. These vows might include asking your guests to promise to continue to support you on your journey.  Alternatively if having vows for your guests isn’t for you, some couples have chosen to include their guests by having them bless their rings as they are passed around the pews. You could also actively involve your guests by slightly modifying the candle lighting ceremony by giving each guest an unlit candle. So then once the bride and groom have lit a candle they can turn to their bridal party and light theirs who then in turn can begin lighting the candles of the rest of the guests. This sort of display can be particularly effective and stunning at evening weddings. For daytime weddings, you could supply your guests with balloons which can then be released at the end of the ceremony. The release of butterflies and birds are also incredibly popular.

Rather than trying to include all of your guests some couples simply want to find a way to have their parents play a bigger role in their big day. So instead of having your best man holding the rings why not instead have both sets of parents holding a ring. Upon presenting you with your partners ring you can also grant your parents an opportunity to share their joy, blessings and hopes for the future for your marriage. Your guests will enjoy the chance to hear your parents touching words.

People are not the only ones couples are often looking to include with pets also having a role to play – especially man’s best friend.  Your dog can easily be included in your ceremony as either a ring bearer or just as a guide down the aisle. Can you imagine anything cuter at your wedding than having your flower girl and dog walking down the aisle together? Cue all-round ‘aww’ from your guests.

Whether you decided to personalise your ceremony in any of the above ways or not you should make sure you include a detailed run through of the day’s events on your Order of Service cards so that none of your guests are left caught off guard.

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