Ultimate Guide to Buying Wedding Invitations

Choosing wedding invitations is one of the most joyful moments during the celebration preparation. However, it takes time and good organisational skills. There are certain things you should consider before buying wedding invitations, such as the number of guests, wedding theme, wording, etc.┬áIn order to make your life easier, we’ve created a list of tasks you might want to undertake before buying wedding invitations, cards, or stationery.


Number of invitations to order

The total amount of the wedding invitations you will send depends on the number of guests. Many times this number varies, so couples either buy more cards than they actually need, or run out of them and need to get more.


Ordering invitations

Try to avoid this by checking your guest list again and revising it.


What wedding stationery you need

There are many elements of wedding stationery you might be interested in. They can go along with the wedding invitations, or separately. The most favourable wedding stationery consists of wedding invitations, envelopes (outer and inner), RSVP cards, thanks you cards, reception cards, place cards, save the date cards, table cards, etc.


Choosing Wedding Stationery

Browse among these and choose those that suit your wedding celebration best.


Wedding invitations wording

Traditional wording usually includes some more formal and precisely structured phrases. However, modern wedding invitations are more liberal about the words you use on the cards.


Invitations Wording

Don’t forget to find the best wording before placing an order. If you need help, there are numerous tools online that can assist you achieve this.


Placing an order

In order to give your guests enough time to plan, it is best to send wedding invitations roughly a month and a half to two months before the special day. Keep in mind that it may take several weeks for your invites to arrive after you have ordered them.


Placing an order

Therefore the advised time for placing an order should be around 3 months before the celebration, so that you have enough time to sort them and send them to your guests.


Wedding budget

Have you thought about how much you are planning to spend on your wedding invitations? When deciding on this matter, don’t forget to include the postage cost.


Wedding Budget

Depending on your budget, you will need to set the price range for the invites and cards. Make sure you’ve done this before you start planning to buy them.

Wedding Invitation

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