Would You Trash Your Dress?

Trash or Treasure, it’s the phenomenon that has seen brides across the globe destroying their lavish wedding gowns in the name of art for quite a few years now. Since hitting the mainstream this trend has seen tons of bridal couples scheduling in post wedding trash the dress photography sessions.  So we thought we’d discuss what this trend is all about and provide some tips for creating your own beautiful trash the dress photos.

trash or treasure your wedding dress

The trash the dress concept is pretty self-explanatory, brides will take photos in their bridal attire in what can only be described as uncommon situations. The photos are all about the juxtaposition of a beautiful wedding gown with an unlikely scenario. The photos can involve anything including but not limited to newlyweds jumping off cliffs, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean, trawling through a paddock and dousing themselves with paint or coloured powder. In more extreme cases brides have even set their dresses on fire to capture a truly unique shot. The end results are some pretty impressive photos that would appear right at home in the pages of a glossy high fashion magazine. Trash the dress photography sessions are fast becoming a modern wedding tradition for the fun loving couple.

If you’re interested in capturing your own trash the dress photos but are wary of ruining probably the most expensive dress you’re likely to ever wear or buy there are ways around this. The first option is simple have a double. Purchase a secondary, less expensive dress specifically for the day after photo session. Or if you have a 2 dresses for your big day say one for the ceremony and one for the reception select the less significant gown to come to a colourful end. This way your preferred gown will still remain intact.

If you only have one gown it is possible to have a trash the dress photography session where your gown does not get destroyed. You can merely walk along the beach or roll around in some grass – nothing that a good professional dry clean can’t fix. It is up to you how mild or adventurous and extreme your photography session is. If you want your dress to remain intact come up with a concept with your photographer which ensures you still get some amazing shots. It could even just be strolling through the city or visiting an abandoned warehouse.

Some of the best trash the dress photos are the simplest and are the ones where you can tell the couple are completely comfortable in their environment. Your trash the dress session should reflect your relationship and personality. Doing something you are comfortable with will ensure you have beautiful, natural photos. If you both love to indulge in a glass or two of wine why not use wine in your photos. If you live on a farm, play with some animals or get down and dirty in the mud – how you trash your dress is completely up to you and your photographer.

trash the dress session

Trash the dress photography sessions can be loads of fun for you and your partner providing great photos and an afternoon of laughs.  These sessions are not just for the newly married, some couples are scheduling in the shoots on their one year wedding anniversaries or at some stage after the wedding.

Traditionally wedding dresses have been stored away in wait to be passed onto daughters and as the ultimate keepsake from the big day, with milder trash the dress sessions this is still possible.  Some brides will be mortified by the slightest crease or piece of dirt on their dress while others are more than willing to dive head first into the sea. Whatever the case is for you trash the dress sessions aren’t for everyone. If they are of interest for you a trash the dress session will provide you with an opportunity to capture some amazing photos completely different to your wedding shots.


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