Top 5 Tips for Planning Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding can get stressful especially when that wedding is in another country. Here we details our top 5 tips for planning an ideal destination wedding to ensure organising your wedding is a breeze.

couple celebrating destination weddings

1.       Thinking Ahead

Allowing plenty of time to plan is integral when holding a destination wedding. You will need time on your side to ensure you organise your wedding during the season with the best weather conditions and that your ideal venue is available in that period. This means booking your wedding well in advance. Far different to an elopement, planning a destination wedding takes time. The beauty of a destination wedding however means that you can organise your wedding for any day of the week which will result in greater flexibility.  Aside from needing plenty of time to plan, your guests will too need plenty of time to organise their own arrangements in order to attend your special day. Your guests should receive a Save the Date card with a substantial amount of notice to ensure they are able to get organised.

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2.       Hiring Help

Investing in a local wedding planner or one that specialises in planning destination weddings is always a great idea.  Ideally the venue you select for your wedding should have a wedding coordinator that they can allocate to managing your big day which is a bonus of booking with all inclusive resorts and is perfect for weddings on a budget. However also hiring someone to help organise all of your suppliers can take a lot of the hassle and stress out of planning your wedding.  Sourcing suppliers overseas can be difficult especially if language barriers are an issue however your wedding planner will be able to get around this and find you the best available and most reliable within your budget. The beauty of wedding planners is that they are used to working to strict budgets and are professional hagglers meaning that they can also score you some fantastic deals.  If you hire a wedding planner from your area they will be able to liaise with the coordinator from your venue, getting around any potential time differences in order to together organise your dream day. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a planner is that they will ensure nothing gets missed or forgotten.

bride with wedding coordinator at destination wedding

3.       Seeking out Suppliers

When it comes to sourcing suppliers if there is particular photographer or makeup artist that you are extremely keen to hire perhaps consider finding out whether they are willing to travel for your big day. This may involve paying for their flights and/or accommodation or additional fees. If your destination venue is within driving distance, perhaps a couple of hours away it is not unheard of for vendors to charge a set rate based on the distance they are required to travel so keep this in mind. It could be a certain amount per kilometre.

bride at destination wedding

4.       Setting Your Wedding Budget

As is the case for all weddings, you need to work out your budget early on before you start researching and scouting for venues. This way you can set your budget and stick to it. It is very easy to get carried away when planning a wedding and to start thinking ‘what’s a few extra dollars here and there’.  Unfortunately when planning with that mantra in mind those few extra dollars will add up substantially because it is easy to get excited by all the beautiful and often expensive elements to destination weddings. So be sure to set your wedding budget before you doing anything else.

beautiful decorations for beachside destination wedding ceremony

5.       Transporting Items

If you intend on bringing items with you for the wedding such as your day of wedding stationery, bridal attire, centrepieces etc. you must first consider how you will actually transport all of these items without damaging them in any way. One such option when travelling overseas is to pay for additional baggage or to split up the items between your bridal party and any travelling guests. It is important to have these plans in place before proceeding to make any purchases for items that will need to be accounted for.

The key to planning destination weddings is communication, as you will be planning primarily through emails and phone calls it is integral that your communication remain clear and concise ensuring everything is confirmed before agreeing to anything.

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