Top 10 Healthy Eating Tips for Brides this Christmas

While there is nothing wrong with a little indulgence, it can be extremely easy to undo all the hard work you’ve put in leading up to the holiday season. So if you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your big day we suggest keeping our below eating plan and bridal health tips in mind over the Christmas period!

healthy eating tips for bride for christmas period1. Drinking plenty of water will help ensure you don’t confuse thirst with hunger. Keeping well hydrated has a plethora of advantages including helping your skin to maintain a healthy glow.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast – don’t turn up to your Christmas day lunch without having first taken the time out to eat breakfast. As with any healthy eating guide especially one for brides skipping breakfast may result in you overeating or indulging cravings for high fat food or sugary treats. It may also see you rummaging through left overs on Boxing Day!

3. If you’re hosting your own Christmas celebrations, keep the unhealthy nibbles to a minimum and provide snacks like dip with cut up vegetables. Popular healthy eating ideas include fresh fruit platters which are always a favourite come dessert time especially during the Australian summer.

healthy eating vegetable and dip platter

4. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, remember they can be loaded with sugar and calories so perhaps consider sipping on vodka and soda water.

5. Portion control will be everything in the lead up to your wedding, especially over the course of the holiday season. It’s important not to completely deprive yourself so if there is a particular food that you are craving and really want to eat for instance that christmas pudding – simply limit the amount you eat. You’ll be surprised that a small amount can actually satisfy your craving, if you allow yourself to saviour it.

how to have christmas pudding as part of eating plan

6. If you’re Christmas party means tons of floating appetisers, we recommend avoiding anything that has been fried.

7. Try and go to parties, lunches or dinners with an eating plan in mind that you can stick to. Knowing what you will and won’t be eating or drinking can help you from becoming overwhelmed with all the options and making decisions that result in overindulging.  Perhaps you will skip a few alcoholic drinks so you can have some dessert.

8. Have regular meals and snacks. If you will be doing a lot of travelling during the holiday season or on Christmas day for example between different relatives houses or shopping centres hunting for gifts consider having snacks on hand that can you keep satisfied between meals. This way you will avoid overeating or succumbing to tasty yet not always healthy food from food courts. Healthy snack ideas include health bars, raw nuts and fruit.

apple healthy eating ideas for xmas

9. Be in the right state of mind – it is unrealistic to believe you will lose weight for your wedding during this time of year unless you employ a strict regimen so instead aim to simply maintain your current weight/size.

10. Popular nutrition tips that we’re sure you’ve heard before is to eat slowly! It actually works; taking the time to thoroughly chew your food and enjoy your meal can result in you feeling fuller quicker meaning you eat less food. Properly chewing your food also aids in the digestive process. One simple trick can be putting your cutlery down after every bite.

These healthy eating tips will keep you from overindulging throughout your Christmas and New Year Celebrations ensuring you maintain your bridal figure.

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