Tips for Organising Your Wedding Music

Commonly left for one of the last decisions your wedding music is a crucial element to the success of your big day. The right song can set the tone for your ceremony, while your wedding reception music has the ability to completely transform your reception celebrations. We’ve compiled our top tips for planning your wedding music to ensure your special day is complete.

wedding music notes for processional

Major musical moments at your wedding where you will need to pick songs include:

– Ceremonial music: plays while your guests are seated

– Processional: Bride’s entrance

– Music While You Sign the Register

– Recessional: Bride and Groom’s exit

– Entrance of the bridal party at wedding reception

– First Dance

– Father-daughter Dance

– Cutting of the Cake (music is optional here)

You might also want to choose specific music for when the garter is thrown.

bride and groom dance to wedding reception music

Wedding Playlist

You will not need to supply your wedding band or DJ with a definitive song list nor should you. It is best to allow your wedding DJ or band to work the crowd and understand what music is getting the best response. It is recommended however that you provide them with a short wedding music playlist that outlines which songs you definitely want played at some stage during the reception and perhaps a list of songs that you don’t want to hear at all. This of course is only necessary if there are particular party songs that you loathe. The wedding band or DJ may be able to provide you with a song list which you can then select and remove any songs you are not particularly fond of. If there aren’t any particular songs you want played enough to justify a list then simply speak with your band or DJ and advise them of the kinds of music you like and would want to hear. An overview may be all that is required to ensure you enjoy dancing the night away.

Cocktail Wedding Reception

If you are looking for some background music for hosting an amazing cocktail reception or sophisticated luncheon a string quartet, solo guitarist or pianist or jazz band might be a great idea. Either of these options will help to create a celebratory yet refined ambiance allowing your guests to mingle uninterrupted.

pianist performs wedding music playlist

Wedding Ceremony Music

When it comes to walking down the aisle it is almost impossible to accurately determine how long it will take for you to make your way to the altar – even if you have had a rehearsal. This is because nerves can kick in on the big day which may make you and your bridesmaids walk a touch faster. Remember, it is always different when you have a crowd of onlookers. In this instance it is important to have a rough idea of how long it will take so as to perfectly time your music. If you are having a pre-recorded song for your wedding entrance music aim to have someone monitoring the music that you trust and who can subtly fade the music out as opposed to abruptly ending as soon as you reach the altar.  Live musicians will also be able to do this however they do need some information such as how many are in your bridal party and the length of the aisle. You may find yourself reaching the altar with the music continuing for a few seconds more, this is not a bad thing and can actually make for a romantic moment when you and your groom greet each other.
classic wedding ceremony music

Wedding Entertainment Contracts

It is important when hiring music entertainment that you sign a contract and that the contract defines start times. Set up and sound check will occur prior to this start time so it is best to make sure this has been done prior to guests arriving. As part of your contract you should negotiate when your band or DJs breaks are so that this can correspond with meals, speeches and the cutting of the cake. It is vital that you have a formal contract with your wedding entertainment just as you should with all suppliers and vendors. This will protect you should anything go wrong and will also ensure your booking date. Remember that you will need to supply your entertainers with a meal during your reception, if they are performing for at least three hours. You don’t however need to provide them with the same courses as your guests. Your reception venue will be able to cater to crew meals at a lower price than what your guests are served.

bride and groom first dance wedding tradition

Father-daughter Dance

For the father-daughter dance you should be looking to choose a song which has significant meaning to you both. This could be a song that together you have loved, or even a song from one of your Father’s favourite artists. We can guarantee he will love the sentiment.

First Dance Wedding Songs

A big influence for deciding on your wedding song should be based on the timing of the music. You and your fiancé should test dance to any potential songs. You will then be able to decide if the pace of the music is too quick or too slow for your own rhythm. Either of these instances can cause you both to feel uncomfortable and awkward when trying to keep in time with your wedding music.

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