Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Venue

The big ticket item when planning a wedding and one of the first decisions you will make is where your wedding will take place. Finding the perfect venue to hold your wedding celebration can be extremely daunting. Some will be lucky enough for their dream venue to be the first one they look at while others will visit tons of different venues before finding the right one. To help make the process simpler we’re detailing our best tips for finding your ideal wedding venue with ease.

Wedding venue for outdoor reception

Where to Start?

The first and most important aspect to speeding up the process for finding a venue is to know the size of your guest list. By taking the time to sit down and work out your guest list first you will be able to easily eliminate wedding venues based on whether or not the capacity will suit your guest size needs. You are only wasting time and getting your hopes up browsing through venues that can only fit a maximum capacity of say 100 people when your total number of guests will be 120. These venues which will be added to your ‘Visit List’ will later be eliminated once you realise that the capacity size is simply not feasible resulting in you potentially having to start your search all over again. This is why we recommend figuring out your guest list before attempting to search for a venue, it will save you not only on time by making your search more efficient but it will also help to remove any disappointment you may have experienced based on capacity alone.

wedding reception venue for garden theme

Knowing Your Limitations

The next essential piece of information you should know when looking at wedding reception venues is your budget. This is another instance of where you can possibly be met with disappointment when you realise your favourite venues are well out of your price range. Knowing how much of your wedding budget you wish to allocate to your venue will help you make a well informed decision and quickly eliminate any venues that will break the bank! Your venue should be one of your main priorities and as such should take up a large chunk of your wedding expenditures. You may find that you end up spending a little more than you had originally intended on your venue which is normal but if you don’t have a benchmark in mind when you first start looking your likely to spend more than you probably should have. This will result in you having to cut costs elsewhere in your wedding.

wedding venue for reception styled with white flowers

Research Done Right

Ok so once you have your guest list and budget worked out its time to start putting together a list of venues that you like. Having an idea of what kind of wedding you will be having or what sort of wedding theme you will be styling your reception with can help you narrow down your hunt for a venue. As you begin creating your list and perusing each venue make sure to check whether the websites include price lists. If you have to submit an enquiry to receive a price list make sure you do so. Comparing the prices of each venue will help you immensely during the decision process. Aside from looking at the pictures of the venue on the website try searching for images through a search engine or social media you might just stumble across some real wedding photos that will give you a better idea of how the venue looks. You should also try to find the menu on the website, not all venues will have this but it will help you choose a venue that caters to your tastes. Once you have thoroughly done your research online in the comfort of your home and have put together a list of your top picks it’s time to pay each venue a visit.

Wedding reception venue table decorations

Organising Consultations and Venue Visits

Visiting venues before you make your final decision is crucial and should be high on your wedding to do list. This way you can get a better idea of the sense of space and can also ask some very important questions. Ideally you should book in your visit with a representative who coordinates the weddings at the reception venue, so that you can discuss the ins and outs of the packages and rates on offer. Here is when you can also negotiate with the venue and find out if there are any hidden fees outside of the package that you may be met with, for instance cake cutting. Find out if they offer a dedicated wedding coordinator and any other inclusions they provide such as microphones, linen etc. Discuss any menu preferences you may have and if they can accommodate them, perhaps request if you can organise a tasting so that you can make your final menu decision. Lastly find out the options for setting up the venue and even request if you can drop by when it has been set up for a wedding so you can see exactly how it may look.  Having the answers to all these questions will help you decide which the ideal wedding venue is for you and your fiancé.

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