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Things to consider when ordering your invitations online

There are many advantages to purchasing your wedding invitations online, one major benefit is that you can browse and place your order at a time which best suits your schedule without being constrained by business hours. However there are a few things you must consider first before purchasing your online invitations.

The Need for Samples

When buying online invitations always make sure you order samples before committing to a purchase. Ordering a sample provides you with an opportunity to inspect every aspect of the invitation, from the way it opens to the vibrancy of the colour. Remember colours can look different in person to on screen, for instance you might be looking for a bright orange but the colour appears much darker in person. To avoid any unexpected surprises when you purchase invitations online order a range of invitation samples because nothing compares to being able to hold and feel the texture and quality of the paper stock in person. You’ll be able to make the best selection once you have compared multiple invitation samples.


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Timing is Key

Make sure before you decide to purchase invitations online, that you first research and enquire how long it will take to deliver your invitations. You don’t want to rush the whole process, so ensure the delivery time frame fits within your wedding schedule.

Quantities and Added Bonuses

Online invitation companies offer greater discounts when you place larger orders. You will also be offered discounts if you choose to purchase the invitation and it’s matching wedding stationery as a set and order it all in one transaction. The luxury of online invitation companies is that they have ranges of matching stationery for most of their invites. Making it advantageous to purchase it all in one transaction for two main reasons, firstly it will cost you less and secondly there can be delays and confusion when ordering the complimentary stationery in a separate transaction. To avoid any unnecessary stress, if you know you will want the matching stationery at some stage and it will match your wedding décor be sure to purchase your stationery and invitations bundled together from the start.

Loads of Options

There are more design options for invitations online than in traditional brick and mortar settings which can be both good and bad. Good as there is so much variety you are sure to find the right invitation to suit your wedding. Bad in the sense that if you don’t have a particular theme in mind for your wedding you might end up trolling through hundreds of invitations which can become extremely time consuming and mind numbing. That’s why it is always helpful to have a basic idea in mind of how you want your wedding to be themed before you start the planning and purchasing process.


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Always Order More

You should always order more invitations than you need. There a few reasons why you should do this. One is because there can be times when you happen to forget someone on your guest list or unexpected guests pop into mind after your list has been finalised. Or, if you are handwriting the names yourself or getting a professional calligrapher – we are all human and do make mistakes so there are bound to be a couple of errors made along the way. Lastly, you will want to keep an invitation for yourself as a keepsake, it’ll be a great memento to look back on and many brides often forget to do this.

Check Everything Twice

The designers will always endeavour to ensure everything is spelt correctly and grammatically makes sense but sometimes typing errors do occur and go unnoticed, so ensure you get a friend or someone with a fresh set of eyes to have a look at your proofs before you approve them for printing.

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