The Most Inspiring Wedding Speech

The most memorable wedding speeches are the ones that are spoken from the heart. The happy father from this video has definitely managed to do that. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful, sincere, and inspiring wedding speeches available on the Internet. Enjoy!

The Most Touching Speech Made by Bride’s Father to the Groom

Here’s the entire transcript of the speech:

Philip, I want to tell you a story. And like all good stories it starts like this… once upon a time, there was a father and in case you can’t figure that out, that me. This father had a wonderful little boy. He was very happy. Then one day, he found out his wife was going to have another baby. So I prayed, “Lord if it’s Your Will… make her a little girl.” And He did. I was the first person to hold her in my arms. And I looked at her and said, Lord make her like her mother. And He did. She was loving and giving and so good and so kind. But then I realised I was getting left out. So I said, “Lord, make her like me.” And He did. She could drive a truck and a tractor. She could load hay and chew tobacco. Do you realise what you’re getting? But at the same time, she was opinionated. Emotional and hard-headed. So I said, Lord that’s enough of that! Make her like You. And He did. He gave her the desire to serve people. She loves people. She gave her life to being a nurse She’s brought people back from the dead. And she’s held the hand of people who have breathed their last breath. He gave her a heart for missions and she’s trekked all over the world. Pushing canoes up swollen rivers. Laid on the on floor as bullets whizzed outside. So she could tell people about Jesus. But still something was missing. So I said Lord, “Make her happy.” and she met you. You see that look on her face? I never saw that, until she met you. And I’m grateful for that. Today I’m giving you the best thing I have to give. And I just wanted you to know before I do that how hard me and God has worked to get her ready. So Philip, as I give her to you, I don’t think you’ll mind if I give you one more word of advice. Me and God’s worked hard. Don’t screw it up!

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