Styling Your Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to styling your wedding, most brides immediately think of centrepieces and how they will dress their reception. However it is just as important to add personalised touches to your ceremony as it is to decorate your reception venue. Depending on the type of ceremony you will be holding, there are a range of ways you can choose to style your location. For style inspiration we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite accents for your aisle.

Lining your aisle is a clever and simple way to dramatically overhaul the style of your ceremony location. For romantic indoor ceremonies opt for beautiful candles in glass jars. Candles are often quite inexpensive to source and provide a lasting impression. While candles are rather impractical for outdoor ceremonies especially if there is wind involved, you can still have the same effect by using lanterns. Candles however only work best for outdoor locations during evening ceremonies as during the day the effect of light that a candle throws off fails to make an impact. For a grander touch you can choose to combine your candles with a line of petals on either side of the aisle or if money is of no concern you can choose to fill the entire aisle with scattered petals.

wedding ceremony aisle

Another great option for lining your aisle is to use tree stumps. Using the tree stumps as stands you can then place candles or flowers in glass vases on top. This aisle style works particularly well for outdoor rustic themed weddings. Similarly you can use tin buckets filled with bunches of flowers or potted plants to line your aisle. Pebbles for garden ceremonies or shells at beach weddings are just as effective aisle liners.  While colourful DIY heart cut outs attached to wooden sticks is a clever and unique way to decorate your aisle walkway.

Aside from lining the floor of your aisle you can also dress the end of the pews or chairs that make up your ceremony. The most obvious and common decoration for pews is ribbons. You can choose to attach a decorative element to each row or every second row depending on your budget and styling preferences.  Flowers and candles are the most popular chair decorations however for a fun outdoor ceremony why not personalise the chairs on the end of your aisle by attaching oversized balloons.

wedding ceremony decoration

While your aisle is important, all eyes will remain fixated at the front of your ceremony for the longest amount of time as you exchange your vows. If your ceremony is outdoors a lovely arch to complement your scenic back drop is always a great idea. Having an arch acts as a frame to draw your guests attention and to keep their eyes from wandering. Let’s not forget that arches also make for stunning photos. Beautiful hand crafted wooden arches or luxurious floral arches whatever you prefer, either will undoubtedly make a grand statement at your wedding ceremony.   If you’re having a rustic themed wedding, using old doors to form an ‘entrance’ to your ceremony also makes a statement.

Wedding arch

All ceremonies require a table so that you can sign your marriage certificates. This table can be as pronounced as you like. It can feature flowers or candles and can be used to tie together your entire ceremony styling. Or it can be neat and simple with little thought or effort put into its presentation.

Additional extras for personalising your ceremony can include Order of Service cards, which can be printed in the same style as your wedding invitations or reception stationery. Your Order of Service card can discuss the day’s proceedings or detail your bridal party and suppliers.  You can also choose to provide your guests with practical items that can double as styling features. For summer outdoor weddings guests will appreciate sunglasses, parasols and paddle fans. During autumn when the temperature can begin to drop having rugs and blankets on hand if the weather gets a little chilly will create a cosy atmosphere for your wedding. If you want your guests to throw confetti, blow bubbles or do any other type of celebratory action at the end of your ceremony why not tie what they’ll need to the back of their chairs. That way your chairs will have added detail and all of your guests will have easy access.

beach wedding ceremony

Having signs at your ceremony has got to be one of the easiest ways to add some flair. Wooden or chalkboard signs are stylish, affordable and add a personalised touch specific to your wedding. They might feature your names, the date or a quote that is important to your relationship.

If you’ll be tying the knot in a location that requires you to provide and set up the seating such as a garden or a beach, changing how the seats are arranged can be a unique and chic idea. You can position the seating in a different way by having the chairs in a circular arrangement. Or for another seating alternative you can opt to use different kinds of seats to create a personalised, eclectic mix. This can be done by sourcing couches and chairs from vintage stores and markets.

wedding ceremony seating

Providing some pre and post ceremony refreshments with a drink station for your guests can also be used as a means for styling your ceremony, as can post ceremony entertainment. Your entertainment can include a range of games and activities to keep guests occupied while you take photos. This works particularly well if you are having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location.

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