Styling Tips for Embracing a Beach Wedding Theme

If you’ll be tying the knot in the summer of 2014/15 you’re probably in the midst of planning your glorious day. One of the most popular wedding themes for a summer time wedding is that of the beach wedding style. So check out these beach wedding ideas we’ve put together to decorate you’re your big day.

beach wedding ceremony style

A beach wedding theme is commonly interpreted in one of two ways either elegant or casual.  Once you have set the tone you can then style your setting to appear clean, fresh and refined, bright and tropical or quite understated and rustic. A beach wedding theme can have similar elements to a rustic theme with the incorporation of burlap and twine which pair particularly well with shells.

Before you begin picking out décor you should first decide on your colour scheme. For an elegant touch opt for a classic all white affair. Crisp whites can also be paired with soft corals and pastel yellows or an array of different shades of blue to echo the sea.  Adding a hint of colour can break up the white and add a slightly more relaxed vibe to your wedding celebrations. For an exotic and fun feel bright tropical colours will highlight the warmer weather and are perfect for vibrant and casual festivities. While natural tones paired with white will set a comforting and enchanting vibe for a rustic inspired reception.

For your beach wedding ceremony it is always a clever idea to include functional items for your guests that can double as styling features. You might like to provide your guests with parasols, paper fans or have an array of affordable sunglasses available for them to block the sun and subsequent heat. A tin bucket filled with paint brushes situated at the start of the aisle will be handy for guests to clean the sand off their feet before putting their shoes back on. If you’re having kids at your seaside ceremony then set up some buckets and spades in the sand to keep them entertained.  The attention spans of children don’t usually last the entire length of a wedding ceremony, so both you and their parents will be glad you put in the effort to have some toys on hand which don’t make noise. Items like the ones mentioned make for great personalised touches that not only will your guests love but will also make for great wedding photos. These items can also double as wedding favours that you gift to your guests. Another clever beach inspired wedding favour is to provide your guests with a classic beach towel.

beach wedding ceremony signs

Personalised wooden or chalkboard signs are also a perfect wedding ceremony styling element to add a point of difference to your special day. The signs can include directions pointing to where the ceremony is being held, advising that shoes are optional, and notes for guests on where to sit or your stance on social media.

Having an arch for your wedding ceremony or some kind of display to draw the eye is a must for beach wedding ceremonies. As the backdrop is so breathtaking an arch will frame you as you exchange your vows acting as a cue to tell your guests where to look.

When it comes time to style your wedding reception incorporating sea shells and star fish motifs is the perfect way to compliment your beach theme.  These symbols can be printed on your wedding stationery such as your menu or table number cards. Alternatively you might like to have them scattered along your tables or as part of your wedding centrepieces. On the subject of centrepieces aside from a popular floral design, lanterns with candles inside make for an eye catching alternative. Now if you’re not a big fan of sea shells and think it’s perhaps too typical why not instead opt for a more nautical vibe for your wedding decorations. Navy blue strips and anchor motifs are perfect for a classic beach wedding style.

beach wedding centrepiece ideas

For your wedding table decorations wooden photo frames especially those that depict a surfboard or beach hut are a great way to display your table numbers and tie together your wedding theme. Another clever table number holder option is to create a message in a bottle, by placing your table number card within an empty glass bottle. The same idea can be applied to your menu cards.

For both the ceremony and reception having a dedicated drink station is both functional and visually pleasing for your guests. Drink stations featuring lemonade, juice or even a punch embody an undeniable summer vibe. Also, consider making your ceremony and reception extra cosy and comfortable with an array of vibrant cushions which can be used to bring out your colour scheme.

wedding drink station

By taking into consideration our styling tips you’ll be sure to have yourself a beautiful beach wedding.



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