great gatsby 2014 wedding theme

Style Tips for a Winter Wedding

While you might have been envisioning a chic bright summery wedding, holding a winter wedding doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice on style. Many of 2014s biggest wedding trends will perfectly suit a wedding held during the colder months. So as part of our series of winter wedding posts we’ve put together the key trends that you can work into your winter affair.

Timeless Elegance

Brides of 2014 are ushering in a return to formality reminiscent of years gone by. Continuing to take their wedding inspirations from last year’s emerging Great Gatsby trend, 2014 is all about glitz and glamour evocative of the 1920s. Décor options for this trend can range from refined elegance with hints of opulence to all out, in your face grandeur.  Vintage inspired weddings continue to grace modern weddings for the undeniable character they bring. Whether it is art deco vintage a la The Great Gatsby or rustic shabby chic vintage, this trend can be tailored to suit the tastes of many brides.  2014 is also a year for true romantics with understated elegant touches and ultra-feminine blush elements heavily prominent.

great gatsby 2014 wedding theme

Colour Fusion

The beauty of a winter wedding is that you get to play around with your colour scheme in ways that simply wouldn’t work for a summer wedding. Dark, rich colour schemes that exude sophistication and are not commonly associated with weddings can ensure everyone remembers your nuptials. From bridesmaid dresses to tablescapes your colour theme can transform your wedding day into something that would look right at home on the style pages of any bridal magazine. Embrace the colour wheel and consider dazzling blues, emeralds, deep purples and shades of grey for your theme. An enduring favourite of brides over the last few years is also to opt for black bridesmaid dresses. Tying in with the vintage theme monochrome with hints of gold or solid whites provide ultra-glam flair. You are however not restricted to merely bold deep tones for your colour scheme, shades of pink paired with crisp whites, champagne and gold accents are not out of place at an elegant winter wedding.  There are some eye catching colour combinations going around at the moment that are sure to steal your heart such as grey and navy with pops of yellow or pink, softer shades of peach paired with green or mints and off white, sands and copper.

vintage wedding style

gold winter wedding theme

Our pick for the one colour you should be looking to include in your wedding: gold.

Finishing Touches

Big in 2013 chevron has now been pushed aside for ornate trellis patterns. Trellis patterns have a throwback vintage feel yet still manage to look completely modern.  Trellis patterns can be easily incorporated into your wedding style through striking table runners. If patterns aren’t your thing why not lay the foundation for your reception décor by making a statement with a sparkly table cloth in either gold or silver. With romance in the air, candles are always a prominent feature for any wedding table décor. However during the winter months candles are made even more beautiful for their ability to help create a cosy, warm environment for your reception even though it might be cold outside. Candelabras are a great way to incorporate candles into your décor with a bit of pizazz.  Enhance your décor by carrying your wedding theme throughout your styling with the use of your stationery. For truly rustic weddings lace, burlap and twine elements work beautifully for any season. While floral arrangements continue to steal the show year round enhancing and complementing every wedding theme.  You simply can’t go wrong with a floral centrepiece. Brides in 2014 are also fond of adding a personal touch to their wedding style. Whether it be handwritten signs, framed photographs or unique bonbonnieres each couple is adding their own flavour to their wedding decorum.

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