Style Tips for the Pregnant Bride

Finding your dream wedding dress is no easy feat especially when you’re sporting an ever expanding baby bump. To help you find the perfect look and feel your best we’ve put together our top style tips for pregnant brides.


Comfort should be the number one priority in constructing your bridal look. All brides should be looking to feel comfortable as they will be in their dress and shoes all day but it is especially important for pregnant brides. Fabric that breathes and avoiding dresses that are too small in an attempt to make you look slimmer are the way to go. Pregnant brides need to embrace their bump and dress accordingly. This means no heavy gowns that are difficult to move in and avoiding materials without stretch.

Calling ahead to book your appointment and discussing if the bridal boutiques have options to suit your growing bump is essential. This way you won’t experience disappointment when you go into the appointment and it will also help the bridal boutique and or designers to know what to expect and get prepared.

For your shoes think carefully about the height, stiletto heels can be painful for anyone walking around in them all day. Place on top of this your extra baby weight and you could be setting yourself up for a world of pain. A great idea is to buy 2 pairs of shoes either the same pair in two different sizes to cater for any swelling. Or select a more comfy pair of shoes to slip into for the reception. Brides have been ditching their heels at the reception forever so there is absolutely nothing wrong with swapping your heels for a comfy pair of flats which can be just as stylish.


Being pregnant at your wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. When it comes time to order your dress as a general rule it is recommended to add an inch to each measurement for each remaining month of the pregnancy until your wedding date. Ordering a dress one size larger than the size you predict you will fit in is always wise, this way you can alter the dress better to fit your bump. Many designers know have a selection of maternity wedding dresses within their collections so your hunt for a gown will fortunately not be limited. The same applies for if it is in fact a pregnant bridesmaid dress you need to find rather than a maternity dress for the bride.

If you wish to draw attention away from your bump and conceal it to some extent opt for an empire cut gown. The empire cute will highlight the slimmest part of your torso and will flow beautifully over your growing bump. This romantic style which accentuates just under your bust and skims comfortably over your curves is perfect for every stage of your pregnancy.

If however you wish to flaunt your bump, stick with flattering materials that have a bit of give in them. Sticking with classic and understated styles is recommended – avoid extra accents on your gown including ruffles and bows which can detract from your figure. When getting a dress tailored brides can request for extra panels to be sewn in to a dress to prepare for growth, or a stretchy panel that allows for a highly flattering and snugger fit around the waist. Sashes around the waist are always popular for brides who want to promote their bump and highlight the slimmest part of their torso. Sleeves on your wedding gown will help balance out your body and add a nice classic touch.



It’s not just the dress itself you should be thinking about your undergarments are equally as important and can dramatically affect how you look in your gown. Think perfect fitting and supportive bras to seam free underwear. For example if you wish to opt for a strapless gown make sure it has adequate support to cater for your growing bust.

Another one of our pregnancy style tips is to try not to compete with your bump and keep your accessories simple.  Oversized necklaces will be too much however a cathedral length veil can add a nice contrast and balance out your silhouette.

For your bridal beauty take advantage of your undeniable pregnancy glow. Stick with a fresh faced makeup look with subtle highlights to really make your face radiate. Perfecting your complexion will ensure you have an enviable look. Contouring can help add definition to your face and bring out your cheekbones if you find that your face has gained a little weight during the course of the pregnancy.


Pregnancy also gifts women with luscious and healthy manes so let your hair shine and opt for romantic loose waves. If however you’re a bride contending with the heat a beautiful braided up do might instead be the way to go.

Being a bride is all about looking and feeling your best whether pregnant or not. Our ultimate style tips for pregnant brides is to stay true to your personal style, cater to your changing figure and always put comfort first on your wedding day.

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