Tips for Sourcing Your Wedding Suppliers

Once you get engaged and begin planning your wedding it can be hard to know where to start.

Especially as your wedding checklist of everything you need to organise seems to keep getting longer. Here we provide our tips for getting the wedding planning started and sourcing your wedding suppliers and vendors.

bride to be sourcing wedding suppliers

First Step of the Wedding Planning Checklist

To begin with we recommend speaking with family, friends and even work colleagues who have all recently tied the knot. If you went to their wedding and liked something in particular ask who the supplier was. Any first hand recommendations you can get will be instrumental in finding your ideal wedding supplier so speak to as many people as you can. Although ensure they are opinions you trust.

If you’re the first to get married and have no one to ask then its time you get busy buying those bridal magazines and browsing the internet. There are some great bridal blogs, websites and wedding directories that will be a huge help in planning your special day. Google will also be your number one resource.

engaged woman reading wedding magazines for wedding suppliers

When researching online be sure to keep your budget in mind and to take note of the location of your wedding. Sourcing wedding vendors and suppliers who aren’t local can mean additional fees for travel. In doing your wedding research it is important that you look through the portfolios of each vendor to see the kind of weddings they have done and whether it fits within your style.

You should also read through reviews to see how your wedding vendor stacks up. Wedding forums can also be a great resource for finding recommendations and reading reviews.

The Modern Brides Ultimate Wedding Planning Tool

Another handy wedding research tool for the modern bride is social media. Most if not all wedding industry professionals will have a social media presence. Here you can get an idea of the vendors personality and view their work. Social media is the perfect avenue for getting wedding ideas.

Bride to be using social media to research wedding suppliers

Browsing through social media is also a great way to stumble upon vendors and wedding supplies you haven’t found through other research. Perhaps you find a bridesmaid dress you absolutely adore by searching a particular hashtag on Instagram. Pinterest is a great platform for wedding research and inspiration and will provide you with an array of different vendors work to peruse.

When You Think You’ve Found Your Wedding Supplier

Once you’ve got an idea as to who you might be interested in having as your wedding suppliers you will need to set up a few meetings and make a few calls. Meeting with more than one vendor for each item is important to ensure you are completely happy with who you select. While the grass may not always be greener and you might love the first vendor you meet it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Just because you take the time to meet with another wedding vendor doesn’t mean you can’t go back to the first vendor you met with. If you have met with someone it is always polite to send them a brief email notifying them that you have decided to go with a different supplier.

engaged couple meeting with wedding suppliers

During your meeting with your wedding supplier it is important that you get to know your vendors personalities and how they work. This way you can gage whether your personalities are likely to clash or not. There is nothing worse than having a stressful or uncomfortable relationship because you don’t gel. Always trust your instincts; you’ll know if they’re the right wedding supplier for you. Also keep your budget in mind when sourcing and meeting with vendors – be honest with them to ensure you are both on the same page and that there are no surprises for either side.

Groom and bride-to-be in meeting with wedding vendor

You should also be sure to have a specific list of questions prepared to ask any potential vendors so you can determine whether you are confident in their abilities. Also unless it’s something like selecting your dress, consult with your fiancé to ensure they too are happy with the wedding vendors. Even if they are not all that interested in wedding planning, a secondary opinion is always helpful.

wedding planner setting up wedding

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, they will be able to source suppliers and do a lot of the research for you. However it is always helpful to notify your planner of vendors you are interested in so that they can contact them on your behalf or find similar suppliers and vendors.

If you don’t hire a wedding planner your wedding vendors might be able to help you source wedding suppliers for other planning needs. Professionals within the wedding industry work quite closely with one another so you can always ask them for help.




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