Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

Sure we’ve all heard this old Victorian rhyme said to bring good luck to the bride but what does it actually mean? Here we discuss the meaning behind each of the steps to this rhyme and simple ways you can incorporate them into your wedding day style.

Something Old

Donning something old on your big day is a symbol used to pay tribute to your family.  The something old good luck token also represents the brides’ desire for those relationships to continue to flourish after she has married and looks to begin a family of her own.

Ideas – family heirlooms, jewellery, broaches, hair accessories (clips or pins), garter, sewing a piece of fabric from an item of clothing from your parents or having a photo of a deceased relative or friend carried in a locket or attached to the handle of your bouquet.

something old wedding tradition

Something New

The something new token of good luck represents the bride’s new life ahead of her and the coming together of husband and wife through the commitment for the future they are making. It displays a hope and optimism for what lies ahead for the bridal couple.

Ideas – Anything you buy really! Shoes, jewellery, undergarments, hair accessories, lipstick or even your wedding dress!

something new wedding headband ideas

Something Borrowed

Some say your borrowed item denotes your admiration and affection for the person you are borrowing the item from while others suggest that the item should be borrowed from someone who is happily married and that you are in essence borrowing their happiness and good fortune in marriage. The borrowed item can also signify a reminder for the bride that she can always depend on her friends and family.

Ideas – veil, jewellery, hair accessories, cake topper, wedding dress, rosary beads, sash or belt for your dress, nail polish or any other beauty items

wedding earrings something borrowed

Something Blue

The colour blue has long been associated with weddings. The colour is a symbol for fidelity, purity and love. Incorporating blue into your special day highlights your commitment to maintaining faithful to one another.

Ideas – Hue for your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, nail polish, bouquet, hair pin, lingerie, garter, ribbon attached to your dress or bouquet,  brides have also purchased blue stickers/diamantes to create the words ‘I do’ which are then stuck to the soles of their shoes or sewing a blue heart/initials inside their dress.

something blue wedding ideas

And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

Commonly forgotten this part of the rhyme represents good fortune, prosperity and financial security for the bridal couple’s future. The sixpence should be worn in the left shoe.

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