Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

There are tons of elements to organise when planning your big day and one of the most important is your wedding ceremony. Many couples get so swept up in organising the reception that they often forgot that the exchanging of vows is the basis for the whole day. So to ensure you have a beautiful ceremony that goes off without a hitch we’ve put together our top wedding ceremony planning tips.


First things first, you and your fiancé will need to decide whether you are going to have a religious or civil ceremony. Perhaps you both have different religious backgrounds and will take a modern approach by blending the two. Whatever the case may be this is a very important decision to make and will set the tone for your entire ceremony. Once you have decided on the type of ceremony you wish to have you will need to source a marriage celebrant. If you are opting for a religious ceremony you may already have someone in mind or there may be a minister who resides over the particular church you wish to marry in. If however you wish to hold a civil ceremony you will most likely have to research your celebrant, this can be done through wedding directories, websites and expos. It’s always best to have a meeting with a celebrant to ensure your personalities don’t clash and that you are comfortable with them before signing any contracts.


The next item on the agenda is to select a location for your ceremony to take place. If it is outdoors you will need to think about the practicalities for instance will you need to hire chairs, do you need to build or buy an arch also consider what time of year you’ll be tying the knot and what kind of weather you can expect. A successful ceremony aside from being personalised and romantic will be respectful and considerate of its guests. Ensuring each guest is comfortable and has a good view.  If you will be having an outdoor ceremony always have a plan B, preferably an indoor alternative just in case bad weather is forecast for your special day. Another option is to organise some marquees for coverage from the conditions.  If you are going ahead with an outdoor location you will also need to research whether you need to obtain a permit from the local council to get married at your chosen ceremony location be it a park, garden or beach. For both indoor and outdoor locations you need to account for the rates of hiring that particular venue within your wedding budget. The decision of where you will be holding your wedding ceremony needs to be made fairly early so that you can ensure you secure your ideal wedding date.


Once you’ve got the fundamentals decided, you will need to get into the nitty gritty of your wedding ceremony. This means deciding what your ceremony will involve and if there are any parts for people who will play them. For instance will you be including any wedding ceremony readings (prayers or poems) if so who will read these and how long will they go for. It is important for both you and your fiancé to sit down with your celebrant and together work out what is possible within your ceremony. This means figuring out a schedule for the ceremony and determining the order so that everyone is on the same page. It’s wise to know exactly what will be involved so everything runs smoothly and there are no surprises for the bride and groom. Having the start time clear in your wedding invitations to ensure no guests disrupt the bride’s grand entrance is also vital.


Perhaps you wish to personalise your ceremony so that it is different and reflects your personalities. Fortunately there are tons of unique ideas for personalising your wedding ceremony out there you just have to figure out what is practical, fits with your wedding and is something both you and your fiancé will enjoy. For example some popular options couples add to their ceremony include lighting candles and having sand ceremonies. You need to also be completely happy with how the wedding ceremony wording is put together and what is actually said.  This might include writing your own wedding vows. Remember this is your day so make sure you inform your celebrant of how you envision the day panning out and the exact tone you want set. Some couples will want a completely romantic ceremony while others are keen for some humour, neither is right or wrong it merely comes down to the personalities of each individual couple.


The last consideration you will need to make when planning your wedding ceremony is how it will actually look. Styling your wedding ceremony is an essential element in helping to set the tone for your big day. You might like to use flowers, candles or ribbons to add the finishing touches to your ceremony location.

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