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Planning Your Wedding Cake: What You Need To Know

One of the central pieces to your wedding day will be your cake.  Selecting a cake can be fun – I mean who wouldn’t enjoy sampling different flavours? However there are quite a few things that you must consider when organising your wedding cake.

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Before you begin visiting bakers, you will need to do some research.  Each baker has their own style so it’s best to find a baker whose catalogue of cake designs suit what you’re looking for. Deciding what style of cake you might like can be difficult as there are quite a range of styles available. To narrow your search you should look for inspiration in magazines and online, Pinterest in particular is a great wedding resource.  Also consider the current wedding cake trends, there are plenty of articles online detailing ‘what’s in’ each season. To ensure you can be confident in your baker seek out recommendations from friends, read reviews online and check out their websites.

Wedding cakes don’t come cheap. So you should know your budget for your wedding cake before you meet a baker for a consultation.  This way you can be honest in deciding on a design that is possible within your budget constraints.  By sharing with your baker what price range you are looking to spend, they will be able to provide you with ways to get your ideal cake for less.

Ideally you should set out to organise your wedding cake sooner rather than later. This is because your baker might already have a full calendar especially during the peak wedding season. Bakers can take bookings from six months out, so the saying first in best dressed applies. This of course does depend on the size and capabilities of the bakery you are interested in.  When meeting with your baker be prepared to put down a substantial deposit on your wedding cake to ensure you lock in your date.  This may not be the case for all bakers but it’s easier to go in expecting that you are required to leave a deposit than not. As they say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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In designing your wedding cake, you might like to incorporate your colour scheme or the theme of your wedding. You can do this by bringing along your wedding invitation, an example of the card stock you will be using for your stationery or even swatches of fabric from your bridesmaid or wedding dress. If you grant your baker complete creative license they can come up with a design that truly reflects the essence of your big day. Having your wedding cake design inspired by your wedding dress or bouquet is rather common.

When it comes to the size of your cake, the number of guests you will be having will dictate this rather than your ideal design. This is because it is important to ensure the number of portions that can be cut from your cake caters for all your guests. Regardless of whether you think they will all eat it or not.

The flavour of your cake is extremely important. While the design may be visually pleasing, if it tastes anything less than great your guests will remember this. Bear in mind that not every chocolate cake tastes the same and that goes with all flavours, so don’t assume anything. Be sure to organise a cake tasting with your baker.  Also consider whether you want just one flavour, alternating tiers or if you want fruit. Your baker will be able to guide you through what flavour possibilities are available to you and what will work with your design. Your baker will also help decipher ingredients and styling options such as how to use flowers between the tiers or the ins and outs of fondant.

wedding cake style


Try and meet with a couple of bakers to see which one will cater to your needs best and to compare prices. The better informed you are the easier it will be to make that final decision.





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