unique wedding invitation

How to personalise your wedding invitations

When it comes to selecting your wedding invitations, you want your invites to create an impression amongst your guests that your wedding will be unlike any other they have been to before. It’s simply no fun if your invites look similar to all the invites your guests have received in the past. So to ensure you have unique invitations for your wedding that truly reflect your personality as a couple we’ve put together some tips that will help make your invitation stand out!

Adding Colour

The colour of your invitation can truly reflect your personal style or the impression you wish to create for your wedding. Your invitation colour doesn’t necessarily mean the colour on the front of your invite it may also refer to the colour of the inner paper or the font. Elements of black and white will suit a formal affair while splashes of brighter colours might indicate a casual, fun setting for your wedding. Fortunately the inner colours on most invitations can be altered to suit your wedding theme regardless of whether you have selected a colour theme yet. For instance if you are holding a beach wedding, hints of soft blues and crisp whites will work perfectly even if you later decide to implement a pastel yellow as your main colour for styling your wedding décor. Your invitation will act as the first taste your guests have of your wedding, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an exact representation rather just a glimpse of what’s in store for your big day.


unique wedding invitation


Tailoring Your Wording

The message your invitation conveys, the tone and language you choose to use as well as the layout of your text can all be personalized to suit your individual style. The content in conjunction with the design of your invitation can communicate to your guests the formality of your wedding. You might like to follow traditional formats for wording and verses or come up with your own personal message for informing guests on your special day. It can be as quirky and unique as you like.

Selecting a Font

While it might seem like an afterthought, selecting your font is a crucial step to ensuring the design of your invitation is flawless and truly represents your wedding style. Whether you would like all or just portions of the text bold, italicized, larger or smaller all of these decisions have to be made during the design process and can dramatically alter the aesthetic of your invitation.  Much like the other facets of your invitation, the font you select can depict the formality and theme of your wedding. As a general rule the more cursive the font, the more formal it appears. You might even like to have multiple fonts in your invitations. For instance a cursive, formal font for your names and a simpler font that is clearer to read for the more important information such as locations, dates and times. Employing a combination of multiple fonts can downplay the formality of your wedding and is often most aesthetically appealing. However you should stick with a maximum of two fonts. Once you start applying more than two fonts the invitation can become a tad messy and difficult for your guests to read which defeats the sole purpose of an invite, which is to convey all the important information about your special day to your guests. It simply can’t do that if your guests are struggling to read the content.

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