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Making the Metallic Trend Work at Your Wedding

The metallic wedding trend has truly taken off in 2014. Seen sparingly over the last few years the metallic trend has now expanded past the obvious décor and table scapes to other elements of your special day. The trick to incorporating a wedding trend is to do so in a way that is ever so sweet and subtle, yet recognisable without being overbearing. Striking this balance can be difficult, so we’ve put together some tips for making this trend work at your wedding.

metallic wedding decor

Metallic accents have been prominent on the wedding scene for quite some time now however in 2014 we are no longer limited to the popular gold or silver options. Brides are now embracing bronze, rose gold and copper tones more and more. The beauty of this trend is that it can be worked to suit anything from a modern, edgy warehouse setting to a classic, romantic whimsical style. In order to not over-do it on the metallic try pairing your chosen tone with neutrals or pastels. By keeping the shades very soft you can easily complement your metallic accents by avoiding harsh contrasts. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t go bold with your colour combinations. Black, coral, purple and navy can all work particularly well with different metallic tones.

Making the biggest waves for the metallic trend is the rise in popularity of metallic wedding cakes. Whether it’s the entire cake, one accent layer or just a few metallic details such as edible gold leafs, couples are loving the touch of glamour a metallic cake adds to their big day. The allure of a metallic cake is that it can truly stand alone as a decorative element to your reception décor far more than any regular wedding cake would due to its sheer lavishness.


Another twist on the metallic wedding trend that is growing in popularity is to incorporate the theme into your bridesmaid dresses. Think shimmery gold, silver or copper toned dresses with or without sequins. The stark contrast to your white wedding gown is truly mesmerising. Whether you opt for long or short this sophisticated look is both fun and elegant. For the bride, add some extra dazzle with a metallic sash or a crystal belt, headpiece and or glitzy shoes. Daring brides can take the theme to the next level by selecting a metallic bridal gown or one that features metallic embroidery, as seen in quite a few 2014 designer collections.

bridesmaid dress

Invitations and wedding stationery collections of 2014 are also following suit by incorporating metallic elements into their designs.  Your wedding stationery such as place cards, menus and table number cards can feature metallic paper stock and ink to neatly tie your theme together. While your invitations can also come with metallic lined envelopes.

metallic wedding invitation

Of course the easiest, safest and most common way to feature the metallic trend at your wedding is to add it to your reception décor. To give your wedding reception the ultimate ‘of the moment’ feel start with your table scape.  Working from the bottom up why not consider using a sparkly sequined table cloth to make a real statement or tone it down a little with a shimmery table runner instead. Playing with fabrics and textures is a great way to add some impact to your décor. You could even use your napkins or seat adornments and covers as a tool for bringing your metallic theme to life.

2014 wedding decor

Mirrors and crystals ooze opulence and are the perfect accompaniment to a silver theme. Mirrors can be laid flat along the centre of your tables instead of using a fabric table runner.  Alternatively mirror vases for centrepieces are simply superb especially when combined with a lovely ivory floral arrangement.

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Candles and their romantic appeal always have a place on any wedding table regardless of the theme or colour scheme. To make candles work for a metallic theme, opt for lavish candelabras or more subdued candle holders in metallic tones. Depending on whether candles are central to your décor or more complementary you can adjust the impact they have by altering the size.

Gold or copper painted vases are another clever way to bring your metallic theme to the forefront of your wedding décor.  By doing it yourself you can also save money on your styling. Who said grand wedding themes had to come with the price tag? Simply spray paint some bottles and scatter them throughout your reception.  You can even paint or purchase metallic letters for a personalised touch.

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While all of these tips are great methods for adding the metallic trend to your wedding, incorporating them all into your styling will be to put it bluntly – too much. Making this trend work is all about picking and choosing the elements you wish to accentuate while leaving the rest. To ensure you get it right always try to have one central metallic detail which is then complemented with contrasting tones and more modest metallic elements.


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