How to Involve the Father of the Bride When Planning a Wedding

Once an engaged couple begins the wedding planning process and starts to enlist help by assigning wedding roles, utilising the father of the bride doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. While your father may not seem overly interested deep down he will be all too happy to get involved. Here we detail how you can expand the father of the brides involvement in your wedding.

father of the bride at wedding reception

Wedding Planning Tasks

Aside from the wedding traditions of giving you away, partaking in the father daughter dance and delivering a memorable father of the bride speech your Dad can also be involved in the earlier planning stages of your wedding. You might be surprised to find just how helpful and keen he is to be more involved in the planning.

father of the bride dancing with his daughter at wedding

Playing to your Dads strengths is the key. If he is good with numbers ask him to help with your wedding budget. If he’s a good negotiator ask him to help with organising wedding contracts. If you have similar tastes and he’s good on the computer get him to help source some of your suppliers. This could be as simple as delegating him the task of organising your wedding transport because he loves cars. Your Dad can read reviews and ensure you’re selecting reliable suppliers for your big day.

If your Dad is fairly handy and you’re looking to save money get to create a DIY piece for the wedding. It could be as grand as the arch for your wedding ceremony or a simple wishing well for the reception. Your Dad will also be willing to help you with the not so fun tasks. Compiling addresses and addressing envelopes for invitations or sealing envelopes, or putting together bonbonnieres and adding tags. Of course no matter how you choose to involve your Dad ensure that you always have final say before any concrete plans are made.

floral arch diy wedding project for father of the bride Pre Wedding Responsibilities                        

Enlist your Dad to help you to tie up all loose ends in the final days leading up to the wedding because no matter how organised you are there are always endless tasks that need to be done. This can be as simple as having your Dad play delivery driver by picking up and dropping off items for the wedding day. These items might include your wedding stationery, bonbonnieres and centrepieces. If there is a lot of last minute phone calls and confirmations that need to be made with your wedding suppliers than your Dad can help.  Simply ensure you provide him with the correct information, a wedding planning checklist and he can handle the rest. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony he can help set up and if it will be held at home he can help get your house ready.

father of the bride helping daughter plan wedding

Wedding Reception Tasks

If your father is paying for your wedding in part or full, acting as a host to greet your guests and make them feel comfortable is a role he should take up at the wedding reception. As a host it is basically his responsibility to ensure everything is running smoothly which can eliminate some of the stress placed upon the bride and groom allowing them to fully enjoy the festivities. Your father of the bride can thus monitor the food and drinks being served, the entertainment and handle any issues that may arise throughout the course of the reception.

father of the bride with bridal couple at wedding reception

He can also ensure that everything is running to time, do this by providing him with a running schedule for the reception so that he can keep up on everything acting as a wedding coordinator of sorts. If you in fact have hired a wedding coordinator your father can instead be used as the first point of contact for the coordinator to liaise with.

He may also be employed to finalise any outstanding balances with your wedding suppliers and vendors. At the end of the evening your Dad might be tasked with organising the transportation of any wedding gifts. Typically the bride’s parents will be the last to leave the reception, ensuring everything is as it should be.

After assisting with the wedding planning, show your appreciation with personalised father of the bride gifts that you can give to your Dad the morning of your wedding. This will provide a sweet moment to start the big day which your father is guaranteed to love.

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