Invitation Wording: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not every day you send out a wedding invitation, so we’re answering some of the top questions frequently asked by brides about their wedding invitations wording.

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Do we have to put our parents name on the invitation?

Traditionally the parents of the bride would pay for the wedding and in some cases both sets of parents split the costs. In these instances as hosts of the wedding they’re names would typically go at the top of the invitation. According to wedding invitation etiquette this is most appropriate however if the bridal couple isn’t keen on listing out all the names, they can simply input the following line ‘Together with their parent’s’ within the wedding invitations wording. This line can also be used in the case where the parents are not paying for the wedding but the couple would like their involvement mentioned. In modern times as couples are tying the knot much older and are more established financially many are actually paying for their own weddings.

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When should I send out my wedding invitations?

You should be sending out your wedding invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding to allow your guests plenty of time to respond. This also gives your guests plenty of notice so that they can make the appropriate arrangements in order to attend your wedding celebrations.

When should I set the RSVP Date for?

We recommend setting your RSVP date two weeks before your wedding date. This allows you sometime before the big day to chase up any guests who have failed to respond as well as provide final numbers to your caterers and suppliers who may require a head count.

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What start time should I put down for my ceremony if I will be walking down the aisle at 2pm?

Typically we recommend listing the time on your invites as 15 minutes prior to the start time of your ceremony as a precaution to avoid any late comers ruining your grand entrance – so in this case 1.45pm. The majority of your guests will arrive early, however this ensures heavy traffic conditions won’t affect the arrival of your guests.

Should I add a dress code to my invitation wording?

Adding a dress code to your wedding invitations is purely a choice of personal preference rather than a matter of wedding etiquette. However we do recommend it if you are considering it because when you leave out a dress code your guests will be left to decipher the design of your invitation and the location of where your wedding will be held to figure out how to dress. Adding dress codes simply takes the guessing work out of deciding on appropriate attire for your guests. The dress code need not be specific if you don’t want to feel like you are dictating your guest’s attire. The dress code doesn’t have to necessarily feature on your invite you can instead add it to a separate enclosure card.

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How do I word my invite if my ceremony and reception are held at the same location?

If you reception and ceremony will be held at the same location we recommended simply adding a line like ‘Reception to follow’ or ‘Dinner and Dancing to follow’ to your wedding invites. If there will be a cocktail hour you might like to make mention of this within your wedding invitation wording by writing; ‘Cocktail hour will immediately follow the conclusion of the ceremony’ or ‘Drinks will be provided following the ceremony’.

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