Planning A Wedding Video: Tips

As with every other part of a wedding celebration, making a wedding video is a difficult task to do. It requires thorough planning, organisation, and understanding. There are several aspects you should consider while making a video in order to get the most of it. Here’s a list of the types of wedding videos that might help you get an idea for your own unique video.

Entire story covered

The wedding preparation can be as interesting as the celebration itself. If possible, try to cover the entire wedding, including the first day of preparation, as well as the very last moments of the special day. Thankfully there is much to shoot: the preparation, parties, dress fittings, and even the honeymoon. Later on you can reduce the content and make the video available for all your guests. The entire video, with every little detail and moment included, stays with you and your loved-one to watch whenever you like.

Special moments

Every wedding is characterised by its special moments. Try to picture those moments, because very often they can be one of the funniest or most interesting parts of the wedding. This could be your witty cousin’s speech, dad’s crazy dance, or a guest’s unexpected singing. Such moments should be captured, so in years to come, you can go back to it and watch it all over again.

Guest Wishes

Even though you know how funny and silly your friends, family, and other guests can be, recording them is a completely different story. People in front of the camera can say many things you will remember forever, wishing you all the best and saying things that will make you feel happy, bring you to tears, or make you laugh like a hyena. Capture these moments at different times and in different places, so that the final video can be as captivating as possible.

Video Preview

Producing video previews or trailers is the best way to edit the video and leave only the best part for your friends and family to enjoy while watching. Some of the moments from the video can be used in your thank you cards or clips you will post online so that everyone can get access to and watch.

If you are talented enough and great at mixing videos with music then choosing the best tunes for the video will not be a problem. Besides the music, you can add guests’ talks, special effects made during the shooting, or comments you made in front of the camera.

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