What to include on your Save the Date cards

If you have decided to send Save the Date cards, you might now be left wondering ‘what exactly can I include on my card?’ To help you decide we’ve broken down the key information your guests will need.

Save the Date cards


Names and Dates

This is a pretty obvious one as with all invitations the first thing you should include on your save the date card is your name and the date of your event. Depending on how much notice you think your guests will need, you might have to send your save the dates cards out prior to finalising your wedding date. This doesn’t have to be an issue as an estimate of the month or time of year you intend on holding your wedding will suffice. It is important if you are holding a destination wedding that you ensure your guests have an ample amount of time to decide if they will be able to attend and to subsequently begin setting aside money to pay for their travel and accommodation needs. To account for this you can simply include a general date such as ‘Summer of 2016’ or ‘January 2016’. This will provide your guests with enough information and tide them over until they receive their formal invitations.

Ceremony and Reception Locations

The location of your upcoming nuptials is important to include but not vital. Much like your wedding date, if you are planning on  holding a destination wedding and haven’t secured your venue but would still like to inform your guests so they can begin making preparations, a simple mention of the city will be adequate.


Save the Date card


Location Details

If you have managed to secure a venue for your ceremony and reception prior to sending out your Save the Date cards you might like to include some accommodation details and suggestions for your guests. This can include the hotel where you will be staying which may even offer all your guests a better rate as it is a group booking. Alternatively you can provide your guests with a list of recommended hotels or resorts within close proximity to your wedding location.


Some couples might be inclined to include an option to RSVP so they can begin organising their numbers early. While it does have its advantages, including an RSVP so far in advance can also spell trouble. While you’re super organised guests will happily note it in their calendars and return their RSVP, there will however be some guests who will either delay responding or forget altogether. It is best to save the RSVP until your formal invitations unless for some reason you need an indication of numbers earlier.


Save the Date cards


Wedding Website/Blog Addresses

If you are holding a destination wedding or a wedding that will involve a lot of your guests having to travel setting up a wedding website/blog is a great idea and an even better inclusion on your Save the Date cards. This way you will be able to refer your guests to your wedding site to find all the vital information they will need for your wedding. This will save space not only on your Save the Date cards and formal invitations, but also deter your guests from hounding you with questions and phone calls in the lead up to your big day. Your wedding website can include but is not limited to accommodation details, flight information, wedding schedules, maps, transfer options, things to do in the area and even a suggestion for items they might like to pack.

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