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Ideas for Your Winter Wedding Menu

Winter weddings provide couples with an opportunity to present their guests with unique food unlike what would be served at weddings in other seasons. At winter weddings it’s all about comfort food. With the cooler weather, guests will have larger appetites and will be looking for warm, cosy meals to heat them up. As such your menu will be scrutinised a lot more at a winter wedding than it would if it were held during the summer months. To help you and your caterers come up with food that will truly satisfy we’ve put together our suggestions for a winter feast.

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Entrees & Cocktail Hour

If you will be holding a cocktail hour it’s important that your mini treats delight your guests and tie them over until dinner time. A great idea is to serve soup shooters as they are easy to eat and mess free. There also aren’t too many people who don’t like soup. Miniature pies, quiches and sausage rolls are always a hit as are spring rolls, steamed dim sims and dumplings. If there is plenty of room for guests to eat and mingle during cocktail hour you can serve up some more difficult to eat delicacies. Shrinking the portion sizes of popular winter meals is always popular. This can include arancini balls, ravioli, meatballs, noodles, risotto, sliders and fish and chips.  In regards to your sit down entrees your guests are guaranteed to enjoy a hearty soup. If you wish to serve something more filling, pasta dishes are a tried and tested crowd pleaser. Vegetable tarts and soufflés are sure to entice your guest’s palettes as will smaller portions of seared beef, fish or sumptuous pork belly.

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When it comes to selecting your mains you should be looking for meals that befit your wedding theme and location. It is advisable to source local produce and stick with what is in season when putting together your menu. A side of roasted or grilled seasonable vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to most dishes. Sides of mashed potatoes and bread will also woo your guests. Popular mains for a winter wedding include filet mignon, lamb shanks, roasted duck, rack of lamb and succulent chicken. Creamy dishes work especially well in winter when your guests will crave filling meals. A popular trend for wedding dining in 2014 is to serve your dishes family style, by having guests sharing and serving themselves. This type of dining suits a winter wedding as it complements the ambiance. Alternatively another popular dining trend that differs to the standard 3 course sit down meal is that of food stations. Food stations allow you to have a wide array of cuisines and options for your guests to decide on what they would like to eat. The relaxed vibe of food stations works particularly well for a cosy winter wedding. Food stations also allow your guests to go back for second or third servings – which you can bet will occur in winter.

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At a winter wedding guests will be expecting decadent desserts that allow them to truly indulge. Moist puddings, lava cakes and soufflés that ooze chocolate are sure to please. As are humble home style favourites like an apple pie or berry crumble. A dessert table filled with treats like brownies, muffins and donuts will also delight your guests. For a more fun and potentially messier treat offer a chocolate fondue table with marshmallows, sliced banana and strawberries.

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Late Night Snacks

It’s always a great idea to offer your guests a snack later in the evening to avoid them complaining of hunger or stopping for junk food on the way home. You might offer the snacks an hour before your reception finishes or right at the end for your guests to take with them. The late snack should consist of party appropriate food, nothing too complicated and certain to please the masses. Think toasted cheese sandwiches, hot chips, mini hotdogs, pizza and pies. If you want to take things up a notch serve your take on mac n cheese in small ramekins, spicy chicken wings or pork belly sliders. Offering your guests warm beverages towards the end of the night is also a good idea and might help sober up a few of your guests! Aside from the usual tea and coffee, consider offering hot chocolates. You might even like to have a hot chocolate station where guests can make their own drinks and choose their own toppings.

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