How to Have The Perfect Wedding Invitations

First impressions are everything. Wedding Invitations are often the first thing your guest will receive so selecting the perfect invitation is important. The good thing about these cards is that they are not expensive, and yet play an important role in your wedding ceremony preparation.

What should your wedding invitations look like?

Wedding invitations are best when they match the theme of your special day and express what your ceremony will look like. Therefore, the cards are there to reflect the atmosphere and tone of your wedding, regardless of the type and style.


Invitations for Wedding

For instance, it is common to see personalised elements on the cards such as logos, pictures, or texts that feature some of the couple’s true characteristics.

Other wedding ceremony cards

Besides wedding invitations, you can choose to purchase wedding stationary cards. There are RSVP cards, place cards, reception cards, thank you cards, menus, programs, and more.


Cards for Wedding

The more of these you order the bigger discount you will get.

The best time to order and send wedding cards

It is best to send your cards a couple of months before the big day to ensure you are well planned and organised. Not only will this give you enough time to address them all, but it will also leave you time for any possible corrections.


Wedding Cards

Another handy tip is to order more envelopes and invitations than you think you need, just in case you make any mistakes.

Wedding invitation wording

When you have written what you think is the best wedding invitation wording, make sure you read and check it again. If possible, give it to some of your relatives or friends for proof-reading, just to be entirely sure it is correct and reads well. The things you should pay attention to are the correct location, time, date, spelling, and the style of your wording.


Wording for Invitations

Be careful with this, because correcting any possible mistakes after the invitations are printed is something you want to avoid, both because it’s time consuming and expensive.

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