How to Choose the Design for a Hen Party Invitation

As part of most wedding traditions, a bride-to-be celebrates her last night of freedom with a party. Hen parties are meant to be a lot more than a wild night out with the girls though a lot of such parties end up as such especially after too much alcohol.

That hen night serves as a rite of passage from being single to being married. That’s why the bride-to-be should make the most out of it. That means, the party itself should be fun and memorable. All of that starts by sending out hen party invitations.

Of course, before sending out those invitations, the party’s organizer should choose a particular design. Here are two ways to go about that.

hen party invitation

Themed Parties

In many ways, choosing to go with a theme will make planning for any party a lot easier. On the flip side, for some, it can make things a lot more complicated. All the guests will have to wear something in line the theme, for one and that can be seen as more of a hassle. It basically depends on the chosen theme.

Hen party themes like the sash and L-plate themes are not really difficult to dress up for. They just need some accessories and that’s it. For more other themes like a Great Gatsby or Victorian theme, more elaborate costumes might be needed.

Still, for any themed party, the invitation’s design can be based on the chosen theme. That does make it simpler to choose a particular design to go with. Also, it gives all the guests a feel of what the party will be.

Non-Themed Parties

For non-themed hen dos, the possibilities are endless. Just get creative and have a bespoke invitation made. Or, choose a readily made design. That will be up to the hen party organizer. Those pressed for time can just pick an aesthetically pleasing invitation and send those out. It is really easy to find some invitations that are free to download online.

Bespoke or personalized invitations may take more time to create, but they will be worth it. These can include more personalized messages for the guests in addition to sporting a unique design. Even though the party does not necessarily have a theme, it can still follow the wedding motif. The invitation can be based on that as well.

The design chosen can also have something to do with the activities lined up for the evening. Some hen do invitations have images of champagne, girls having fun, or even lingerie. One can start choosing the invitation’s design by browsing images of those. That should be enough to get anyone started.

hen party invitation

Sending Invitations

These days, it has become so ordinary to send out invites through text, create events through social networking sites, or email. Even so, nothing beats getting an actual invitation. Give it in person or send it through regular mail.

Remember, after setting the date, time, and place for the party, send out all the invitations. Sending them in advance will definitely give the guests more time to arrange their schedule to attend the special occasion. This is even more important for hen weekends as some guests might need to file for a leave of absence in advance.

It’s true that, “What happens at the hen party, stays in the hen party.” That’s why there are hardly any photos taken during such parties. That invitation can then serve as a fond reminder of everything that happened during that hen do.

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