Is Hiring Wedding Planners Right For You?

One decision you will need to make for your wedding is that of whether you will be hiring a wedding coordinator.

For some this might be an obvious choice while for others it will be one that you go over back and forth with your fiancé trying to determine whether it is worth it financially. For those yet to decide we have put together some reasons why hiring a wedding planner can be a good idea.

wedding planner organising wedding with bride

The Benefits of Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding is certainly time consuming and to put it bluntly takes a lot of hard work. If both you and your fiancé work full time fitting in appointments with vendors and sourcing supplies can be a struggle. It is especially difficult to juggle your work life balance with planning a wedding under these circumstances. As a result some couples can lose sight as to why they are marrying in the first place as they get bombarded and overwhelmed by planning a grand affair.

Hiring a wedding coordinator will eliminate a lot of the ground work and associated stresses so that you and your fiancé can truly enjoy the engagement period. Once you provide your planner with a brief to work from detailing your wedding expectations and how you envision your big day they can then take care of the rest. Wedding planners can ensure the whole process runs smoothly and will have a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections that they can tap into.

Bride talking with wedding planner

Cutting Wedding Costs

Wedding planners know who the right people are to talk to, they know how to get the best prices and know how to read a contract ensuring no finer details that can impact the success of your big day are missed. This final point is especially important – reading over your contract and understanding what the process will be in the event of a range of scenarios is essential. There’s nothing worse than having to cancel your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances and losing the payments you have already made for vendors.

wedding coordinator setting up

Established wedding planners will have already developed relationships with professionals working within the wedding industry and will know which vendors and suppliers to trust. If you are having a wedding on a budget, you should know that a wedding planner will be used to working with different budgets and will know how to get more bangs for your buck. They can also act as a quasi-wedding financial planner by keeping track of your wedding expenses and will manage your finances when sourcing suppliers to ensure they can put together your dream wedding within your budget.

If you are working from a strict wedding budget and think that hiring a wedding planner is an expense that can be cut, you’d be surprised to know that over the course of planning your big day some wedding planners can actually save you money. This is because they can get exclusive deals not privy to regular customers as well as know where to find items for less.

wedding planner helping bride get ready

Planning Destination Weddings

If you’re planning on tying the knot overseas or out of town, sourcing a wedding planner with extensive experience planning destination weddings or a wedding planner local to the area of your wedding will save you a lot of headaches. Regardless of whether you are marrying overseas or 20 minutes away a wedding planner will be able to coordinate with your vendors and represent you at meetings that might fall on a time that doesn’t fit within your schedule.

wedding coordinator setting up reception

Having a wedding planner or on the day coordinator can provide you with convenience of having someone else to resolve any issues that might arise on your wedding day. This will ensure you remain stress-free and enjoy the entire day.

Deciding on whether a wedding planner is right for you is also dependant on whether you are actually interested in planning every aspect of your wedding from start to finish. While there are some important and exciting decisions to make such as picking your wedding dress, the excitement of planning can begin to waiver as more of the finer details need to be determined.

wedding planner working on reception decorations

If you want a planner but can’t justify the costs you can opt to instead hire them closer to the big day so that you have already planned the bulk of it and they’re just finalising everything and sourcing the last minute details. Or if it’s just the idea of having someone there on the big day to set everything up and communicate with your vendors that interests you than hiring a wedding stylist or on the day coordinator could be just what you need.

There are quite a few options available so it is worth carefully exploring all options and setting your budget before deciding if a wedding planner is right for you.


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