Guest Blog: 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Caterers

It’s almost impossible to imagine a wedding without some delicious quality food, so one of the most important parts of planning a good wedding is finding a caterer that will make everyone happy at your big event.

wedding catering service for reception

You don’t want any mediocre catering either – the food has to be not only mouth-wateringly delicious, but also has to provide an aesthetic aspect that will leave all of your guests impressed.

The problem is that the premium wedding caterers can be really expensive and not everyone can afford them. While you might not get a celebrity caterer from reality shows, that does not mean you can’t hire someone that can give you an even louder bang for your buck.

So if you want to find the perfect wedding caterer for your special event, here are four tips that can surely make the task a lot easier:

Find Out All the Costs

Rarely can you find a wedding that has absolutely no budget restrictions whatsoever – in most cases there are at least some limits that have to be adhered to, and that includes a set budget for the catering services.

This means that when interviewing potential caterers, you have to make sure to get as exact an estimate as possible, because the last thing you want is to get an unexpectedly large bill right before your big that will make you go over your wedding budget.

Also, remember to ask if there are any additional hidden fees for services like waiting tables, bartending etc., because sometimes these can be pricey on their own.

waitstaff providing catering at wedding

Always Taste the Food

This one’s rather obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples forget to actually taste the food of the caterer they choose to hire and end up disappointed with the results on their wedding day.

It’s frustrating how irrational that is – imagine if people would book a venue without looking at it or a DJ or band without listening to what they play. Nobody does that, so why would anyone hire a caterer without finding out if what they make is something they’re looking for.

Besides, having a tasting session is a really fun experience – you get to taste different foods, usually made by a world-class chef and it can end up being one of the most fun experiences of the whole wedding planning process.

wedding catering at wedding reception

Make Sure It Provides an Experience

Now just as food has to be delicious, it also needs to provide an experience – there’s a big difference between eating chilli at a local café and dining at a fine restaurant. You will probably want the level of food for your wedding be from the latter, even though the chilli might be delicious.

Aesthetics do play a big role in the wedding catering quality and the chefs making the food have to be able to show off their creativity by designing it in a creative and appealing way so that it not only is delicious but provides an experience in itself.

Some chefs can make their food look so interesting that it can become the hit of a wedding so make sure your caterer has the chops to provide an exceptional experience.

buffet wedding catering

Check the Credentials

Finally, no matter how good everything looks on paper or even how good the food tastes and looks in the interview process, it’s always smart to hire someone that already has at least some experience under their belt in catering weddings.

You probably don’t want a rookie, even a very talented one, to be responsible for the food in your event, because there are enough things that can go wrong in a wedding as it is. You don’t need someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience to add to the probability of something going wrong plus the last thing you need is a mob of hungry and anxious guests!

wedding caterer offering a tray of appetisers

So before you decide look for recommendations and testimonials which prove that the caterer has been there before and knows how to throw together an amazing catering experience for any wedding.

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