Gift Ideas for your Bridal Party

While it’s not compulsory a lot of couples like to purchase gifts for their bridal party as little tokens of appreciation for sharing in their special day.  For inspiration, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most popular gifts that might suit your bridal party.

Bridal Party Gift ideas

For the Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will have helped you make some of the most important decisions, tried on dozens of dresses, organised your bachelorette party and bridal shower, so now it’s time to show them some gratitude.

1.       Jewellery

Perfect for your dutiful bridesmaids treat them to a simple necklace, delicate earrings or an eye-catching ring. By matching your gift to the bridal parties attire you can kill two birds with one stone and have your bridesmaids wear their matching accessories on the big day. Even better it’s an item your bridesmaids are certain to wear again.

2.       Bags or Clutches

It’s all about the reuse value with this gift! Your bridesmaids will love a glamorous clutch to carry their essentials in on your big day and will love it even more when they can re-wear their gift on their next night out.

bridesmaid clutches

3.       Cosmetic Bags

Practical and perfect! What woman out there doesn’t love a good makeup bag, whether you take the time out to get one personalised or simply find one in-store your bridesmaids are sure to find a use for this clever gift.

4.       Makeup/Beauty sets

Pamper your bridesmaids with some of your favourite makeup items in a little gift box. Think your favourite lip gloss, go to mascara, lust worthy eye shadow or even some handy makeup remover wipes. Instead of makeup you might like to put together a pamper pack full of creams, masks and lotions to treat your maids.

5.       Dressing Gowns

Plush, fluffy dressing gowns emblazoned with initials are fabulous for bridesmaids looking for practicality and comfort. Equally as impressive is a luxurious silk robe with a striking print. Perfect for summer weddings, silk robes also make for great ‘getting ready’ bridal party photos.

bridesmaids stain robe gift

For the Groomsmen

Your groomsmen will have thrown you a memorable buck’s night, calmed any nerves you may have and taken on a leadership role in the lead up to and during your big day.  Show them your appreciation with one of these worthy gifts.

1.       Watches

A classic but always welcome gift is that of a good-looking watch.  A keepsake and an accessory that begs to be worn, your groomsmen will appreciate such a timeless piece. Plus one can never have too many watches!

groomsmen gift ideas

2.       Flasks

Depending on your bridal party you’ll know if this is the right gift for your groomsmen. An engraved flask can be both a practical gift and also one that is treasured and given pride of place for years to come.

3.       Money Clips or a Wallet

A handy gift for all groomsmen, they’re sure to love a good quality and stylish wallet. While a money clip is perfect for groomsmen who don’t like to carry wallets and is ideal for nights out.  The only pitfall of a wallet is that they don’t always have the longest lifespan which might make them far more practical than timeless as opposed to a metal money clip which will have more durability. This does of course depend on how your groomsmen treat their wallets.

4.       Cufflinks

Much like the above gifts a good set of cufflinks will be cherished by your groomsmen. Perfect to be worn on the day of your wedding especially if your groomsmen don’t already own a pair of cufflinks, they can also be used for all special occasions your groomsmen may attend.

groomsmen gift idea cufflinks

5.       Personalised Tops/Sporting Guernseys

A popular gift especially amongst sports lovers personalised tops and Guernseys can represent the bond of a bridal party. Personalised tops also make for great photo opportunities for the groomsmen during the morning of the wedding and they’re simply fun.  This option is great for groomsmen who won’t get much wear out of a watch or cufflinks.



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